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When a body is donated to “science” after death it is usually given to medical schools. This body is used in a class called gross anatomy. Gross anatomy is a class where the students learn anatomy in texts books and then get to go to a cadaver lab and actually dissect a real human to see what the learned in their text books. In general students learning to be doctors take gross anatomy class, but also students like me (pathologists assistant PA) have to take it as well as physicians assistants, physical therapists, some nurses, pharmacists, and many other people in other branches of medicine. The dissections we do in class are different based upon what we are learning and what our focus is, but in general- when a body is donated we usually have freedom to examine the entire body. @kostadis_n7 shared this photo from his gross anatomy class. This shows a few beautiful examples of head dissections. On the left you can see the head was dissected in half. This particular cut is done so we can examine the brain, the layers of the meninges of the brain and this is a great cut to examine the sinuses in the head and the oropharynx and throat which can not be examined any other way. The photo on the right shows another view of the head dissected in half the opposite way. This way you can also view the sinuses from another view and can also see the eyes and orbital cavities. It is important for us to do dissections like this in many different views so when patients develop disease and tumors in areas of the head it is easier for us to understand how to approach these areas surgically without disrupting vital structures. It is important after you die to be set up as either a living donor or a donor to science.


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