November 22, 2017 7:28 am

Christmas is always that annoying time of year where schmaltzy festive movies dominate our TV screens and cinema multiplexes.

As a result, us B-movie nerds have to try a little harder to shock ourselves over the festive period. And this is why some of the following weirdo scary films could prove to be a good bet for anyone wishing to give themselves the creeps.

So what makes a good Christmas B-movie choice? Whilst there are plenty of nicely naff shark movies like Cruel Jaws out there, it doesn’t quite tick the boxes for a good low-budget festive treat.

This is why it’s better to keep it a little more traditional in our horror genres, and that’s why some of the horror movie classics of the 1980s are always a good option.

In particular, the Child’s Play franchise is one that always manages to give us plenty of chills and laughs in equal measure – especially since this year’s Cult of Chucky movie managed to be one of the most bizarre outings in the franchise yet!

But if murderous dolls aren’t your thing, then why not see if the Leprechaun horror movies can give you a wonderfully Irish take on your spooky entertainment.

The Leprechaun movies have been a go-to for B-movie nerds ever since the first film came out in 1993. But if you’re looking for perhaps the lamest in the bunch, then Leprechaun 3: In Las Vegas could be a good option.

This seeks the Irish imp running amok in the Lucky Shamrock casino in Sin City. And although Halloween has been and gone, you can enjoy the witching season once more when you watch this B-movie classic alongside some of the Halloween-themed online casino games at the Intercasino gaming website.

But sometimes you need to ramp things up with some monster-themed horror action. This is why monster-based B-movies like 1988’s The Blob and 1984’s The C.H.U.D. could be good, as there’s nothing like a truly weird monster to broaden our horror movie horizons.

So whether you’re hitting the casino gaming tab with a leprechaun, or are heading down the sewers with The Blob, there are plenty of ghoulish B-movie treats awaiting you this festive season.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella