May 22, 2011 8:30 am

Carrol Whitfield is an empty suit working for the House and Home hardware store chain. His latest assignment is to check up on the company’s newest branch, out in the tiny town of East Stackton. He knows the locals aren’t big fans of city-folk, but they’re acting even stranger than he expected. And what’s this “dedication” coming up that everyone keeps talking about, and why do they keep acting like they don’t want him to find out about it?

East Stackton is a horror film we’re shooting in Louisiana in the spring, but all that fake blood ain’t free.  We recently raised a good bit of money via IndieGogo, which helped us through pre-production considerably.  Then we got the quote for all the gear we have to rent and all the crazy stuff we’re gonna put in the movie that we can’t talk about.  We’re gonna raise $8,000 here to help with that cost, and we’re offering some kick-ass rewards for you giving us a hand.

The outpouring of support we’ve felt from the communities of Lake Charles, DeRidder, Sulphur (not Sulfur!) and Leesvile has been fantastic.  Now we’re asking you to go a little bit further.  Whoever you are, if you like good scary movies that don’t spoon-feed you the plot or try and convince you that torture is the same thing as suspense, then help us make this one.  You won’t be sorry you did.  Trust me; I’ve read the script.

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This post was written by Albert Saliba