September 30, 2013 12:45 pm

Horror House 2013With the imminent Video-On-Demand release of Sweet Home Films’ horror anthology, HORROR HOUSE, on October 1st through Maxim Media, the team over at SHF has certainly been busy.

They have a campaign currently running on Indiegogo for their third feature film, a comedy horror called, INCENDIARY:

The production company just released their entry for this year’s ABC’s of Death Part 2 competition, whereby filmmakers submit short films of up to three minutes based around the letter ‘M.’

Evan Marlowe, the film’s director, chose ‘Monoxide’ as his M word. Says Evan, “We tossed around some ideas for about a month, until one day commuting to work staring at the car in front of me, the concept came to me. What if a man tries to kill his wife with carbon monoxide by running a long tube from the garage to the bedroom?”

The short film stars Lisa Goodman who plays the Gypsy in Horror House, and Peter Mandarino, who is seen running down an alley half naked in the Incendiary campaign video.

In order for the film to be a finalist it needs over 1000 Facebook likes on the ABCs of Death page. Here is a link to the film:

The company also has another feature being released on DVD and VOD in January called Blood Rush, also through Maxim Media.

Watch Horror House Trailer below: