August 2, 2015 6:01 pm

Ten globes were seen in the sky above Osaka, Japan.

ufo sighting

Ten strange objects were seen floating in Osaka, Japan’s sky in footage recently posted on YouTube, according to the Daily Mail.

“White lights dance over Japan’s skies. What Could they possibly be? Footage captured of strange white objects floating over Japan. Could they be UFOs? The 10 white circular balls floating in the sky above Osaka are quick moving and dance around in the two-minute long video”.

Approximately 826,132 people have watched the epic video since TVE24HD uploaded the content on Monday.

They go onto say that the mysterious white dots resemble those seen at a recent Blues Concert in London’s Hyde Park, the Daily Mail reported.

One video from the eventful day shows that a few white circles were seen in the atmosphere above the venue where indie band Blur reportedly headlined, according to The Huffington Post.