August 27, 2015 9:21 am

As reported by one of Malta’s leading newspapers ‘Malta Today’

During the ‘A Positive Outcome’ conference, Schafer told around 50 members of her audience that she is an alien abductee and can also communicate with animals.

Forget everything about what you have heard about aliens or what you have seen in the movies where aliens abduct someone and then they are returned somewhere in the middle of the night lying naked, foetus position and all in the middle of nowhere.

According to the lifetime extraterrestrial contactee, nothing of this sort ever happened to her. It all goes back to when she was just a baby sleeping peacefully in her crib.

Marcia Schafer

“I used to see flying colours around me and I remember they used to come visit me every night.”

By “they” Schafer is of course referring to aliens, and as she herself has described them, are of “two groups”. According to her, the aliens who used to visit her every night, at times would appear in a physical form and at other times they would be a sort of energy. “Inter-dimensional entities”, she calls them.

And yes, if you are imagining something out of a Steven Spielberg’s alien film you are on the right track. It seems that for Schafer, the ones similar to how Spielberg used to imagine them, were the ones she mostly bonded with.

So, as I already said, there are mainly two groups: the ones who’d appear in physical form and the inter-dimensional entities. Now, the physical form can be divided into other groups. You can distinguish them by the hue of their grey colour and by their appearance. She also states that she used to see some of which who were more similar to us human beings, whilst there were also the ones which looked like reptiles. You know, monstrous green, absurd-looking lizards

But, the alien contactee can assure you that they are not as harmful as the media makes them out to be. Quoting her words, she says “it is complete bulls***”. She describes this reptilian species as “very kind” and “very soliciting”. Well, it must be true if, as she says, she had five all at the same time in her room.

And I guess the White House was not very happy to hear this but the aliens actually told Schafer that “they cannot believe that our central command centre was filled with so much darkness.” And by “central command centre” she clarified that they were referring to Washington D.C.

For those of you who are wondering, yes there are some who have taken a human form but Schafer says that they are biologically different.

“They are highly telepathic with an amazing ability to replicate the voice of someone you know,” she describes.
You know Steven Spielberg’s aliens?

With the almond shaped eyes, the big head, grey-looking? Ok so, it seems that the “darker-grey variety” are not so interactive and they just barge in, do their job and leave. However, the “lighter-grey variety” are more interactive, and there is more connection.

“One has stayed with me for a long time and watches over me. I found warmth in their relationship and they seem to care for me,” the contactee claims.
Then there are the grandmasters looking aliens, with the white rob, who are more of the teaching kind she says.

“They are gentle and loving and get you to figure things slowly on your own,” she says. “Wonderful masters of knowledge.”
So forget the “them and us” theory. Through her lifetime they have been taking Schafer on journeys to different parts of the world, from the Orient to Europe to the long-lost legendary land of Atlantis. And all the journeys go back far far in time.

On a couple of her voyages, she says she was an Afro-American slave working in the fields and once she was buried alive with her Egyptian dead husband.“The purpose of the lesson was to teach me that we are eternal souls. And it left me with no fear of death.”

However the most important messages came through in March 13, 1997, better known as the “Phoenix Lights”. She says that those appearances had actually been for her. They had gone to visit her. This time they were all over the place and she says they had a serious atmosphere about them.

For those who are wondering if you’ve ever met with aliens or are in fear that they will make contact you, Marcia Schafer sends out some guidelines:
– Do not believe it when they say you are their descendant. It is their way of controlling you (oh and by the way, she says we are a mixture of 12 strands of extra terrestrial life or races).

– Be really careful how you interpret what you see. They can very easily manipulate you, but you have to show them that you are wise and that you are very careful with the information they pass on to you.

– They will try to communicate with you through various methods such as your dreams, telepathy, sending holograms (you suddenly see a picture and you are instantly knowledgeable about what is in the picture) and they might also cohabitate in you (as she calls it “hitch hiking in your body”).