September 5, 2015 5:10 pm

A friend of mine recently told me that she was certain her toddler sees his grandmother, who died about five years ago. “All of a sudden he’ll look up and start talking, as though they’re having a full conversation.”

Why Kids Can See Ghosts

My friend isn’t alone. There are numerous stories out there of children who have reported seeing spirits and communicating with them. Some have even inspired their older family members to track down the identities of people who lived long ago. In some cases, family members of the deceased have been found and they have confirmed that the details presented to the children were accurate.

Within the Western world, there are many who are uncomfortable with the idea of spirits or ghosts. Many Christians are uncomfortable with the idea and are convinced spirits and ghosts are of the devil. The Eastern world tends to disagree, making communication with deceased relatives and friends a regular practice.

Regardless of the conflicting views on this topic, the following are the most commonly held theories on why toddlers and kids can see spirits, but you probably can’t.

1. Kids Brains Are Proportionately Larger Than Adult Brains

According to licensed counselor and author Caron Goode, because during their early years children’s brains are proportionately 135 percent larger than the average adult brain, they have more vivid imaginations and extended brain functions. They are able to shift from one brain wave state to another in a split second. In fact, from ages two to six, it is difficult for a child to distinguish between conceptions that are inner-based and those which are outer generated.

Goode thinks that a toddler would see no difference between a TV character and that soul of his or her deceased grandmother. This makes it easy for them to establish conversation and relationships with them.

2. The Brainwave Connection

Toddlers and young children are ruled by their own perception of life for the most part. Their brains see and hear things that only they understand. They have the power to talk to their imaginary friends, enjoy the world through unfiltered eyes, and not be forced to believe one concept over another.

However, this all ends when the adults in their lives start telling them how to think and what to see. If a child is told that ghosts/spirits aren’t real, eventually they are going to let it all go. Author Michael Mendizza explains,”If children see a form or something that the adult doesn’t see, they quickly learn to screen that out or hide it, because that’s not normal in their parents’ environment. The ghost is not part of what the culture reflects.”

This explains why adults in the Eastern world are more likely to see and be able to communicate with spirits than those in the Western world.

3. Between the Ages of 11 and 14 Parts of the Mind Shut Down

According to Mendizza, the human brain begins to reorganize itself around age 11. Unless a human being makes every efforts to hold on to the neural connections that are psychic or that can see spirits/ghosts, they will be completely erased. The brain stops “seeing.”

In other words, the ability to see beyond this world (and our imagination) gets squashed.

It should be mentioned that it isn’t until recently that adults with the “seeing” capability have come forward to share their abilities. For example, the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, wows people everyday with her ability to communicate with spirits. Apparently, she was determined not to let that part of her being fade away.

What do you think? Are there such things as spirits? Has your child seen and talked to them? Have you?