September 17, 2015 1:19 pm

Getting Rid of a Succubus:

If you are having negative experiences with a succubus or incubus and want to get rid of it once and for all, you should consider reading the following:

Succubus and incubus are not attracted randomly to people…

In fact there are so many types of these beings as there are types of people
Before you understand how to get rid of a succubus or incubus you must understand why it here in the first place.

It is drawn to something in you.

I have met several people that have very loving relationships with their succubus or incubus.
Yet others seem to fear it.

Getting Rid of A Succubus or Incubus

The fear itself…

If you are fearful the succubus will scare you… Kind of like a dog that smells fear and starts running after the scared old lady.

If you believe the succubus is a god that has power over you

Then that is what you will get…

I think it is much wiser to first understand what these beings really are. Then you will be able to control the relationship and end it at will.

I have had many spirits contact me just to break the connection.

Should you do an exorcism ritual?

If you believe in it… Go right ahead

But I suggest you first understand better the nature of what you are dealing with

Sometimes the biggest curses are a blessing in disguise.

The Worst you can do…

Do not fight the being… there are better ways of approaching this than trying to fight. Fire will create fire…

Rather trying to understand the relationship in a calmed relaxed manner will hasten the results immensely.

What it comes down to:

From studying many people with unwanted succubus relationships it is very clear that the succubus correlates to how the person views himself. Understanding your self image will change your point of attraction thus the entity will lose interest.

Meditation and relaxation techniques come in very handy and many times (Again if you believe in it) White protection spells can also help.

Connect to the part of you that is love first, then try to deal with the inccubus or succubus

You’d be amazed at what amazing positive things you might discover

Written by Erik