November 3, 2015 4:31 pm

Below is a compilation of the creepiest supernatural encounters of nurses.

Nursing Ghost Stories

“I’m Okay”

“I was working in the ward on a night duty for quite some time. One night, I had to write down each patient’s name, when I spotted a patient that I had not seen for a couple of weeks. I felt weird when I was about to think that he had been transferred to our surgical hospital. He looked at me in the eyes and smiled as I gave him a gesture as if everything is fine. It was a relief seeing him in his best look than what I remember. However, when putting in my notes I could not find his name on the patient census. I looked him up by name and was amazed to see that it said he had died two days earlier. It was like he came back to say he was fine.”

The Supervisor

“In the district hospital I previously worked at, it has been very usual for us staff nurses to see a lady in white walking down the hallway in the early hours of the morning-patients would see her too. We lost one of our nursing supervisors a couple of years ago, she died unexpectedly. Our med room call light frequently goes off when absolutely no one is in there or has been near the room. We all believe it’s Sup Dolor checking in.”


“Doing my rounds as a new RN in a unit, I saw an old lady dressed in hospital’s gown. Thinking that the patient was lost or couldn’t sleep, I signaled her from afar (we’re at the opposite ends of the hallway) to ask what’s wrong. Grabbing her attention, she turned her face to me, smiled and passed through a wall into a patient’s room! I froze from what I saw. I found out later that the woman had died three days earlier from a car accident, and ‘watching over’ her husband who was hospitalized in the room she entered.”

Out of the Window

“I was working on a night shift when a call light goes off for room 130. For all I know, this room has no one in it, so I canceled the light from the desk but it wouldn’t cancel. I walked down to the room just to check. Upon entering the room, I heard a budging sound on the window, like something or someone is trying to get out. Knowing what might be happening, I took up all the courage I could and took a deep breath, opened the lights, and walked to the window and opened it. I felt weird because a soft breeze went by and flew by me and then out of the window. I later found out that a patient had died during the morning and apparently, the nurses before my shift didn’t open the window. Weird as it may sound, but when someone passes, let them go and open the room’s windows!”

“Bless You”

“I worked the night shift alone at one of the oldest nursing home while in college. I’ve got a lot of stories to tell but this one really changed my spunky attitude. I was about to get extra linen in a room and I sneezed, and from behind me -clear as day- I heard “Bless you.”

The feeling of it was as if I was about to start a prayer and to my surprise… a voice whispered near my ear “Our Father in heaven..”

From then on, I used to stop myself from sneezing and didn’t recite The Lord’s Prayer for quite some time.”

The Intruder

“I worked as a registry nurse Noc shift and it was a very quiet and peaceful at 3am while doing simple floor rounds I felt something behind me, turned around and saw a shadowy girly figure wearing a hospital gown run into a residents room. I wasn’t terrified at all despite knowing the story I was thinking intruder. So I immediately entered the room and the resident in the room was up (an Alzheimer’s patient) and she said “Did you see that?” I was like “What” and the resident said “She went in there (pointing to the closed bathroom). I waited a bit and called for help to insure it wasn’t an intruder and the unit was clear. To this day I can’t explain it, but know what I saw and oddly enough what my patient saw despite her mental status. Weird, but it’s my job–nursing.”

Playful Balloons

“It was my second year working in the institution as an RN, I worked night shift on a pediatric unit. Our patients were often preschool and school-age children. We had a patient who would always want her visitors to bring balloons whenever they come to visit her. She died earlier after her long stay in the hospital. Days passed, one of my co-workers celebrated her birthday to which we had several balloons in the station. We noticed two balloons floated slowly bobbing–up and down. Now this would not have bothered me BUT those balloons then stopped by the girl’s previous room just right in front of the door and slowly went BACK INTO THE NURSES’ STATION!!! This cannot be explained by air currents!!”


“I just thought of my own experience when I used to work in a hospital in Japan. I was working on an overnight shift. The main nurses’ office is locked and only RN, LPN, and administration have keys. The nurses’ station (where I was) was just next to the office and it was exactly 3am when I heard a loud crash coming from the office. The next day I found out that a filing cabinet had fallen over and papers were all over the floor. Windows were closed, door was locked, air condition was unplugged. I was like, “Did someone just try to pass by me last night??!”

The Visit

“I used to work in a nursing home as an aid and thought of my co-worker who had a strange experience. One night, she was trying to check on a patient who is a Nun. According to her, a group of nuns came in the room but never bothered to talk to her except for one whom she had an eye contact. However, no one else on the floor had seen the nuns come or go. Rumor has it the hospital was built exactly where an old convent building was based before being ravaged by fire in the late 1800’s.”

Who’s Coming?

And since after this freaky time of the year and Christmas is just around the corner, we would also like to share this not so much of a ghost story but still kinda freaky.

When I first started in nursing I had this patient that looked just like the pictures you see of Santa, he had the white exact beard, the belly and the cheerful disposition, we told him how much he looked like Santa Claus and he’d laugh forgot to mention this was in December which also made it freaky so we asked him who was going to deliver the toys since he was in the hospital and he laughed and said he would just have to be out by the big night. As the days got closer he was still very sweet joking with us nurses and showed no sign of a change in his condition. Around 6PM on Christmas Eve he passed away quietly in his sleep, the staff was in shock and saddened that this wonderful man had passed on what should be one of the happiest nights of the year Christmas Eve then we realized his words days before that he had to be out of here for Christmas I haven’t believed in Santa since I was 8 years old but that night when I went home I looked up into the sky hoping to get a glimpse of my Mr. Claus.

If you have a comment or a real paranormal experience related to ghosts and hauntings, share it with us!