November 28, 2015 6:41 pm

laughing jack

Back in July, a 12-year-old Indiana girl stabbed her stepmother, Maria Torres, 50, to death in their home. She then proceeded to burn down the house.

She is also accused of stabbing her father when he tried to control her.

According to court documents, the girl “heard voices and had an alter ego months before the stabbing and begged for father for help.” She allegedly killed her stepmother after being inspired by a character named “Laughing Jack,” who told her to commit the murder.

The New York Daily News reports that the character becomes friends with children before cutting them open and replacing their organs with candy.

The documents also reveal that she has since been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, and doctors have determined that she is unfit to stand trial.

So far, she has been denied admittance by 16 psychiatric facilities, despite begging for help.

The girl’s public defender, Holly Curtis, explained the situation: “We’ve had our hands tied because at this point in time, there’s no other facility that can or will take her. We are running our of options — this is our last option. The risk level for her is beyond anything I think anybody can imagine. For her not to be able to get the help she’s crying out for is probably one of the biggest travesties I’ve seen so far with the systems and with a state agency not willing to step up and do their job.”

At the moment, she is being held at the Juvenile Detention Center in Goshen.