December 3, 2015 9:17 am

Old Louisville is the largest section of preserved Victorian homes in the world. Each one of these houses is an artistic work of architecture with a story. Sometimes these tales are told by the original occupants, as they appear and disappear around current residents. Belgravia Court began in the late 1800s with land owners building Victorian mansions in a variety of unique styles, uncommon in Louisville at the time. As a matter of fact, some of the original landlords loved the designs so much, they decided not to leave.

In most cases, the unique presence just adds to the ambiance of the beautiful community. However, modern owners/renters might find these residential spirits disquieting as they go along their daily routines.

Odd things are relatively common all throughout the area. Lights go on and off, shadows appear where they should not exist, and people appear and disappear. This is a neighborhood with an unusually intense energy and both a festive and dark past. Not far from the river, Old Louisville was the gathering place of new and old money, creating a thriving community of designer Victorian mansions for the era. River trade was at an all-time high and celebratory parties and balls were frequent, at least till Tuberculosis struck.