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murder house

The idea of a family moving into a supposedly ‘perfect house’ and slowly finding that everything is not what it seems is a staple of horror movies. However there is more truth in this particular story than anyone would like to know.

So if you’re feeling brave why not read a bit more about some of the most gruesome and creepy murder houses around.


Flat 23D Cranley Gardens

UNILADs The Five Creepiest Murder Houses You Can Actually Buy

In Cranley Gardens, houses and flats sell for millions of pounds… well, normally they do. There’s one flat that’s a steal at just £240,000. So what could have happened in the infamous ‘Flat 23D’ to make it so cheap? The answer is: it was home to the infamous serial killer Dennis Nilsen whose perverted killing spree terrorised the local community.

UNILADs The Five Creepiest Murder Houses You Can Actually Buy

Nilsen would lure young boys back to his flat by offering them food or alcohol. Then he would murder them and keep their bodies as macabre trophies. He would live among the bodies, masturbating next to them and watching television ‘with’ them. When he’d had his way with the corpses, he’d dice them up into small pieces and flush the bits down the toilet. The sick bastard is believed to have killed nine men in the flat and would have got away with his foul crimes if the drains hadn’t been clogged by all the rotting flesh.

9337 Columbia Boulevard

UNILADs The Five Creepiest Murder Houses You Can Actually Buy

9337 Columbia Boulevard is a lovely three bedroom house with no downsides… except that it may be cursed. In just a handful of years, there were three murders at the house. The first in 2002 when a man named Anthony Kelly broke into the house and pistol whipped the nine-year-old girl living there. After he hit her she screamed for her dad and Kelly shot her to stop her shouting. Her dad, hearing the commotion, ran into to help his daughter when he was shot six times and killed. Kelly took only one thing from the house, a copy of the New Testament. Just one year later a popular local head teacher, Brian K Betts, learned of the murders while he was halfway through buying it and tried to back out, but it was too late. Betts lived in the house before meeting a young man called Alante Saunders on a gay sex phone line. Betts invited Saunders to the house but when he arrived he brought three friends who attempted to rob Betts, when he resisted he was shot and killed in the struggle.

2 Roseangle, Dundee

UNILADs The Five Creepiest Murder Houses You Can Actually Buy

Opposite Dundee Art College is a spacious, if ugly, four bedroom house. It went on sale this year for only £500,000, but the dark past of 2 Roseangle put off any potential buyers. In 1980 the house was home to an elderly doctor and his wife. One terrible day a man named Henry John Gallagher happened on the house. Gallagher had a history of attacking clergymen, and presumed that the poor doctor was a priest, most likely because it was close to the local church. Gallagher broke into the house and bludgeoned the doctor and his wife to death with a hammer. The murderer, unfortunately, was never tried for the crime and went on to murder a priest and his housekeeper in Ramsgate, Kent.

371 NE Granduer Avenue Florida

UNILADs The Five Creepiest Murder Houses You Can Actually Buy image

Tyler Hadley lived in 371 NE Granduer Avenue with his parents, Blake and Mary Jo, with whom it is said he had a good relationship with. However as Hadley grew older he began smoking weed and slowly developed an addiction to harder drugs, his thoughts reportedly grew violent and his relationship with his parents soured. Hadley told friends that he planned to murder his parents but they dismissed it as attention seeking.

In 2011 Hadley threw his first house party something he’d never been allowed to do before. The young man claimed that his parents were out of town and he let over 200 teens to come to his house and do whatever they wanted as long as they attract police attention. As the party went on, he took his best friend aside and confessed that he had murdered his parents earlier that day. He had taken a hammer to both of their heads. He murdered his mum first, and when his dad came upon the horrific scene, he killed him too. Tyler threw the bodies and all the evidence into the master bedroom, locked the door, and started inviting people to his house party. The crime was only discovered after his startled friend saw the bodies and called the police.

Crossbow House

UNILADs The Five Creepiest Murder Houses You Can Actually Buy

Azarias Fontaine is a brave student in Bradford, England, who is rents a flat in Crossbow House for the an absolute bargain price of £360 a month. But there’s a reason for the cheap rent, he’s living in the former home of Stephen Griffiths, the ‘Crossbow Cannibal‘. Griffiths was a monster who killed and dismembered three women in the flat’s bath. He then took their remains into the kitchen where he ate them. Fontaine was told of the flat’s dark past but as the kitchen and bathroom had been refurbished he didn’t mind living there. However his mum claims to have felt spirits in the flat…


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