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Over the centuries, terrifying accounts of vampires have frightened poor souls from all corners of the globe. So much so, that over the years a myriad of movies about fanged creatures have graced audiences, Ranging from plot lines surrounding sparkly vampire love stories (I’m looking at you Twilight!), to blood-curling horror flicks such as Daydreamers.

Although scenes such as these are the stuff of nightmares, we may seek solace in the fact that they are just works of fiction. Yet, what if I was to tell you that the line between fantasy and reality was more ambiguous than you previously imagined? What if vampires were actually real?

The following three stories provide real life accounts of vampire sightings around the world. Take a look!

1. The Vampire of Highgate Cemetery

Located in London, Highgate Cemetery was known as the burial place for many famous people back in the 19th century. Yet in recent decades, it has also been known for being the home of a vampire.

According to witnesses, the sightings started just over 60 years ago, when a figure with red eyes was spotted wandering the crypts and grave stones. In 1971 however, a more sinister story was circulated involved a young girl who was attacked in the cemetery by a tall, pale-faced creature.

She was thrown down onto the ground but the figure was luckily spooked by a car passing-by! Many believe that if the vampire hadn’t been driven away, the girl would have been killed, or worse — turned into a bloodsucker herself!

2. The Case of Anastasie Dieudonne

In 1927, a young Haitian woman confessed to repeatedly draining her 9-year-old nieces blood via a small incision between her toes. According to reports, Anastasia Dieudonne was driven to such acts as a result of an urge she could not control.

In the general sense of the term, her behaviour essentially classified her as a vampire on the account that she drank the blood of another human being.

3. Reports on Arnold Paole

Back in 1727, a Serbian soldier returned home from war. However, his close friends and family noticed that he had changed somewhat and he finally admitted that he believed that he was attacked by a vampire whilst in the army.

Shockingly, he claimed to have tracked and killed the creature, but despite this, feared that there was no hope for salvation — soon after, he died. However, over the following couple of months people began to increasingly report sightings of Arnold — as a result, his body was exhumed from his grave, where witnesses were horrified to see what appeared to be new skin growing on his decaying corpse.

To ensure he was well and truly dead, his body was then staked and he reportedly made a rumbling groan in pain. His head was then removed and his body burned so that there was no chance of him returning from the dead.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella