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If you don’t believe you are psychic or are curious if you are, then this is for you.  We all have a sixth sense, an intuitive knowing within us that provides us with wisdom, guidance and even helps us steer clear of danger.  There’s nothing scary or freaky about it.

By acknowledging this part of you, you open up the doors to knowing more of who you are and inviting your Soul to be a part of your daily life.

Here are ten signs to help you know when you’ve experienced your psychic senses in your life.


You predict the future without consciously doing so.

Okay so maybe you’re not at the point where you know when’s the best date to sell your stocks but you’ve had instances where you think of someone and they suddenly call or text you or the phone rings and you know exactly who it is.  Or maybe you’ve decided to take the local roads instead of jumping on the highway only to hear later on the news of an accident that caused a huge traffic jam you would have been stuck in.  You’re sixth sense is one smart cookie.

You have vivid dreams that have profound meaning or sometimes even come true.

I have had so many people come to me to tell me that they have dreamt of a situation that came true, so if this is happening to you, welcome to the psychic club. If you’re also experiencing very vivid dreams with a lot of details, creates an emotional response and correlates to a situation going on in your life, then you’re receiving intuitive insights in your dream space. Another way your dreams speak to you psychically is if you’re solving problems or receiving solutions while you’re getting catching some z’s. I find this to be a fun and powerful tool that you can definitely leverage for anything from relationships to business.

You know something that’s going to happen for your family or friends.

Maybe you knew a friend was pregnant before she even found out or that your sister was about to get laid off so you asked her if she was looking for a new job. These instances tend to come with a much stronger feeling that you just can’t explain where they’re coming from and are not based on what you know about the person.

You know when something just doesn’t feel right.

I bet that you have experienced a time when you just knew in the depths of your being what felt right or true for you in the moment.  Whether it’s a decision you’re making, if your partner is telling the truth, or which house to buy, you’ve had a knowing within you.   Give thanks to your gut instinct or gut feeling aka clairsentience, which is your ability to feel energy.  Since everything is energy we have the ability to feel whether or not a situation is best or most aligned to our path.  If you’ve ever trusted or even ignored your gut feelings then be sure to honor this intuitive compass within you at all times.

You hear voices.

Our intuition can often sound like the voice in our head, especially when we first start strengthening our inner voice. The difference is that it’s not actually coming from our head but you may feel it in your heart or actually it sounds as if it’s coming from somewhere else outside of you. So if you’re receiving guidance or advice from that voice in your heart or higher self, listen up.

You’ve been warned.

Have you ever had the psychic alarm go off with flashing red lights and a painful punch in the stomach that leaves you keeled over that you can’t move forward in that direction anyway? Okay so maybe its not always that dramatic but if you’ve ever received that red flag warning sign of danger ahead then thank Goddess for our psychic abilities. This can save your life, your heart and your time. So no dark alleys at night please and crappy dates ever again (even if he is sexy!)

You read minds.

Do you ever pick up on someone else’s thoughts? Or a friend says something and you’re thinking the exact same thing? Maybe you’ve felt like you were having an actual conversation with someone in your mind or suddenly you start singing a song and a friend says “I have that same song in my head right now!” Say hello to your telepathic abilities, which is the psychic transfer of thoughts. You’re not going crazy, in case you were wondering.

You feel other people’s emotions.

When our psychic senses start opening up more, we tend to become hyper aware of other people’s emotions. If you’ve ever felt sudden waves of sadness or anger if a friend or family member is, or you may intuitively feel if when a friend who lives in another state is upset or is going through a tough time then you are picking up on their energetic and emotional field.

You get goose bumps or tingling sensations.

Our body serves as an intuitive antenna and gives us those signals whether we are on the right path. When you get goose bumps or tingling sensations on your body with a sudden idea in your business or you find the perfect gift for a friend, are fun ways your psychic senses are affirming you’re in the flow.

You’ve “met them before.”

Have you met someone that you swear feels like you’ve met them before or have known them all your life? You get along instantly, have everything in common, and the conversation feels as if you’re catching up from when you last spoke with each other two months ago. Except this is the first time you’re meeting. Or is it? These moments occur when you’re having a soul-to-soul encounter with someone you are meant to connect with. I always say, “It’s good to see you again.”

Have you experienced any of these ten signs?  It’s pretty exciting isn’t it?!

Everyone is psychic.

It’s a natural part of who we are and you’re using it every day whether you know it or not. Embracing your sixth sense helps you stay on purpose, create freedom in your life, and connect deeply with yourself and others.


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This post was written by Albert Saliba