December 27, 2015 5:29 pm


Michel de Nostredame (aka Nostradamus) was born in France in 16th century. He predicted numerous tragic events through history like the rise of Hitler, the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the defeat of Napoleon as well as the theorist attack on 9/11.

There aren’t a lot of seers these days which can predict the future. Nostradamus was able to predict the future because he studied astrology and “occult” sciences. Read about some of his predictions for 2016:

10: Obama: The Last President

Nostradamus predicted the election of Obama in 2013, but he also claimed that Obama would be the last American President. Does this mean that America will no longer be the greatest world superpower? Who will replace it? China? North Korea? Russia? Nobody is certain.

9: Unusual Weather Patterns

He predicted unusual weather changes and natural disasters which will become stronger and stronger. So he wrote: ‘Water shall be seen to rise as the ground is seen to fall underneath’. We have seen snow in spring in some parts of the world in 2015 as well as unusual temperature changes.

8: Unusual Planetary Alignments

Nostradamus also writes about strange planetary positions and other astronomical changes which will cause major changes on earth. We can just hope that these changes will not be linked with another earthquake or tsunami.

7: Middle East On Fire

According to Nostradamus the oil and petroleum fields in the Middle East will be set on fire. There will be problems during Presidential elections in 2016. The question is- Are these two events connected?

6: Explosions in the Middle East

A lot of explosions will occur in the Middle East, and Nostradamus wrote that planes will be falling from the sky. The Middle East has faced numerous problems and civil conflicts during the past 4 years. The Arab Spring has triggered wars in more than 10 countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia, Libya, Bahrain and Syria. We have already witnessed the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which happened on Mar. 8, 2014.There was another plane which was almost torpedoed by a North Korean missile, 2 days earlier.

5: End of the World

Nostradamus also claimed that the war in Iraq is the first major sign that our world is coming to an end. But there are numerous predictions like this; especially known is the one of the Mayan civilization. None of these predictions had come true.

4: White House Games

Nostradamus wrote that the White House is playing war games all over the world because it has plans to destroy the world. The first target is the Middle East. These days we are all aware about the problems with the War on Terror and ISIS. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan has seen piece since the Americans entered the countries to bring “democracy”.

3: The Poles Will Melt

This is really happening. Global warming scientists have confirmed this  information. The temperatures are constantly rising in the North Pole so the prophecy will surely come true. The South Pole on the other hand is still frigid cold.

2: Fate of Israel

It is still unclear what will happen with Israel. But Nostradamus in paragraph 32 of the Epistle wrote that the Jerusalem might be attacked and then Western naval force (from the United States and or other nations in the New World) will help Israel in the fight against its enemies.

1: Russia Makes Peace

If the Russians are not allied with the Europeans when this war happens, the northern king from Aquilon (an allusion to Russia) will still help at the end. USA and Russia are still severe opponents, so it is interesting to find out how this prophecy will come true. Maybe the Crimean War of 2014 will change the current situation? As the Russia tends to be world dominant superpower this prediction is quite unbelievable but who knows?