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The Forest of the Damned

In 1974, I stopped over at Tokyo, Japan, a full two night layover before going to Seoul, South Korea – Yongsan Barracks. At the time, I was a 97 Bravo – Intelligence Analyst in the US Army’s Military Intelligence, assigned to PIC-K (Photo Interpretation Center – Korea). During my visit in Japan, I was able to see gorgeous Mount Fuji. In 1974, if I knew what I knew now, I would have stopped and visited Aokigahara Forest aka Suicide Forest aka Sea of Trees. Suicide Forest lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji. Legend has it that demons roam the woods of Suicide Forest. There are caverns, lots of rocks and a very dense forest. For some reason people who have suicidal tendencies are attracted to this forest, a place where they can have some quiet time before committing suicide.

I was born and raised a Catholic and was taught that if you commit suicide, you go straight to Hell. As a paranormal investigator and after being on over 1000 investigations, I have different thoughts of what Hell can be and I do not consider Hell as a burning inferno. I do believe that the suicidal deceased will stay here on Earth, until it is time to be judged and the powers to be decide the final fate of their souls. Our Christian god frowns on suicide and considers this to be a great sin, so I do believe that souls that are connected to suicide will face some kind of retribution for their actions in the afterlife. What that retribution is, is anyone’s guess.

I have gathered up some of the stories of paranormal events that have occurred at Suicide Forest and witnessed by the curious.

It is said that the moment that you step into Aokigahara, you can immediately feel that something is not right. Most people will feel a feeling of dread. Some people will feel negative psychological effects. The place has an eerie silence. The thickness of the closely packed trees blocks the sun and wind. Everything is dark and the whole forest feels like it is blanketed with silence, a sickening silence. There is a lack of wildlife in the area, you do not hear birds chirping. All you get is that horrendous silence. Where are the animals? Are they hiding, are they avoiding this area? Is there something about this forest that the animals know about and we don’t? It is theorized that the ancient gods, used this as a dumping ground for nuclear waste and other hazardous material and from the time of the ancient gods to the present, it’s still a forbidden zone. Some looky loos have described the quality of sounds here as somewhat muted, as if being heard through a thick veil or from another room.

Hi my name is Junko and I live in Tokyo. I do not want my full name published, but I will tell you my story. I was going through some terrible family problems and I was contemplating suicide. I went to Suicide Forest in 2012. I had my back pack and some photos of my 7 year old daughter. As I entered this forest there was a sign for people who were considering committing suicide and a hotline number for them to call. As I went into this dark forest, everything was creepy silent. I saw one campsite and on the tree were pictures of a suicide victim’s family and a make shift prayer area with candles and religious items. What really creeped me out, I saw with my peripheral vision what looked like little dark trolls running through the woods. These trolls looked like they had long noses and creepy little faces and raggedy clothes. I saw maybe about 6 troll like creatures. I kept my composure and did a lot of hard thinking. I came to realize the importance of me being a parent to my 7 year old daughter. I decided to stop my destructive thinking and to live life to the fullest and take care of my daughter. For me to think about suicide and abandoning my daughter, is very cruel on my part, very selfish. I now live a happy life with my daughter and have a new job making a nice living. A visit to Suicide Forest was helpful for me to understand the importance of life. Case #209B5685C878 CRYPTIDS IDENTIFIED: THE DARK TROLLS OF SUICIDE FOREST

Ryuu, a curious hiker visited Suicide Forest and claims to have been touched several times while hiking through the forest. His hike was in 1992. When it was dusk, he swears he saw shadowy type of apparitions in the forest. He saw areas where people had their last rites before dying. Ryuu says the whole forest freaked him out and he has no desire of ever going back. The most scariest moment for him was when he saw a very bright light shining through the trees. The light seemed to pulsate and the colors went from blue to purple to red and back again. Ryuu says that many people have witnessed orb activity and UFO activity near the forest and on Mt. Fuji as you can see with this YouTube video:

Ryuu says that before he left, he saw an orb with his own eyes zipping through the trees, the orb was the size of a small ping pong ball. The orb was translucent.

Author Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.

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