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The other day, I received an email, it says:

“Hey, I saw your youtube video of you and your wife walking your dogs at Jack E. Hill Park and then found a connection that you two are paranormal investigators. Did you know that Jack E. Hill Park is haunted? My friend and I were hanging out by the old railroad tracks at the park and we saw 3 small human like forms. They appeared to be in the shape of small men wearing what looked like Chinese bamboo hats. I’ve seen those hats on the movie Apocalypse Now! I think, but it was the Vietnamese that were wearing them. I looked it up on the Internet and they are called Chinese bamboo hats. Why we saw 3 little Chinese men by the bridge, I don’t know. Weird. We watched the men for about 10 seconds and then they simply vanished, they had to be ghosts. This happened about 4 years ago, do you have any idea what we could have seen? Maybe there were 3 Chinese men killed there or something, any help would be appreciated. Michael Deringer – Sacramento”

Paul’s Answer:
Hi Michael. Many times, I have paranormal investigators ask me: “Paul, give us some haunted locations.” My answer: “The whole world is haunted, people have died all over the place and what you are saying in this email just confirms it.”

As why you saw Chinese ghostly men is because of the history of the railroad here in California. But, before I go on, I will call your Chinese ghostly men, the Chinese Phantom Trio throughout this article, if you don’t mind. Many Chinese laborers were hired on the railroads, right here in Elk Grove,   Sacramento and the High Sierras. In the High Sierras, there were many, many deaths of Chinese laborers. Some of these Chinese laborers died from the snow, snow slides and freezing weather. There are many reports of Chinese laborer ghosts in the High Sierras. Here in Elk Grove, the Chinese laborers didn’t have to worry about the snow, but they had to be worried about accidents that occurred frequently on the railroad tracks. Whenever you are involved in hard labor, you must expect accidents and work related deaths.

When the Chinese laborers were put to work, each team (or gang as they were called) consisted of about 12 to 20 men. There was one head-man for each railroad gang. I talked with some old time residents of Elk Grove and I was told that there was a Chinese railroad gang that worked in the area called the Bottom Creek Gang. The Bottom Creek Gang consisted of 14 laborers, I was not able to verify this in my research. Perhaps the Chinese Phantom Trio are part of this Bottom Creek Gang? Chinese laborers worked from sunrise to sunset. They worked 6 days a week for $1.00 a day, or $26.00 a month. At some point of time, their pay increased to about $35.00 a month. The Chinese laborers lived in low cloth tents and ate dried oysters, dried cuttlefish, sweet rice, crackers, dried bamboo, etc.

What is unique about Jack E. Hill Park is that it’s connected to the wetlands. I will discuss more about the wetlands further into this article, but first I want to mention that I love this park, my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson felt a presence near the bridge, she actually saw a phantom and told me about it. This was before I received this email. Now to the wetlands, the wetlands have their own history of hauntings. There are many large clumps of Eucalyptus trees in the wetlands. These Eucalyptus trees were imported from Australia. The trees grow fast and they were perfect for the Elk Grove pioneers to park their caravans and use the trees for shelter from the winds. The Eucalyptus trees were also used for their medicine properties. The aborigines used Eucalyptus leaves for their mystical practices. Deanna prepares Eucalyptus smudging bundles for our investigations. At one of the Eucalyptus tree clumps, pioneers would park their caravans before continuing on with their journey and one of the families had a sick little girl in their caravan. They utilized the Eucalyptus tree leaves to aid the girl, but the girl died anyway. It is said that she died of Cholera, which cannot be confirmed. On one particular night, some high school kids that were camping out by the clump of Eucalyptus trees heard a girl crying, whimpering. They investigated where the sound was coming from and saw a white mist float away.

This historical location is said to be haunted. People have heard the sounds of horses and heard the sounds of pounding. Deanna’s investigation of the area, she kept taking pictures of a strange blue orb. Sandra Locke says that she once saw a dark large figure of a man holding what appeared to be a big hammer. This apparition just faded away.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)

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