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12/25/2015: After opening up presents on Christmas Eve – Deanna and I went to haunted Paradise Beach for a little bit of rock hunting and some ghost hunting. Deanna recently has gotten on a kick to rock hunt with Hi-Pee and Hannah – our naturally born rock hounds. During our ghost hunt, after several times trying to capture an EVP, we finally got some muffled voice sounds, then finally a male voice saying ‘near the water’, you can hear this EVP below. Special Note: In the 60s and early 70s, Paradise Beach was a nudist beach. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE DROWNING VICTIM

Ghost & Rock Hunting: Paradise Beach 12/25/2015

EVP Captured at Paradise Beach, it says ‘Near the Beach’

Paradise Beach – Briefing: A man is sometimes seen walking the beach. It is said that this man was a drowning victim.

From Yelp: “Paradise Beach itself isn’t much of a secret, however Paradise Beach at night is an entirely different story. By day this is one of the less crowded and pretty chill river beach spots in Sacramento, but by night, this is one creepy adventure. I don’t technically recommend it because hours posted are sunrise to sunset, but for lovers of heart pounding tomfoolery, it’s a must. Located off Carlson Drive quite close to CSUS, some students find themselves here at night for amateur ghost hunting. Not that I know anyone like this or ever did this. *cough*

Apparently this is now listed in a few articles as one of the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Sacramento. You’re not kidding?! When it’s pitch black, the low hanging trees at the riverbank give way to the beginnings of a small scrub land, so there’s a very haunted bayou feel. The hairs on the back of the neck stand up, and it sounds like someone or something is following, breaking twigs as it goes. Again, not that I’ve done this. And if I had gone, which I didn’t, it wouldn’t have ever been alone because that’s dumb, and if a hand voice recorder had been brought, which it wasn’t, likely slight EVP could be observed on replay.

Dang college kids. So yeah, I’m not exactly recommending this at all from first hand experience *cough*, but if you must try it out, bring friends. There is a rumored wandering ghost of a drowning victim, but this has not been confirmed.

California’s severe drought did one good thing, it allowed historians to get a glimpse of Mormon Island that has been submerged under Folsom Lake. Many historical items and tools have been found at the uncovered Mormon Island location. A reminder from the Department of Parks and Recreation is that no one is allowed to take any uncovered items from the Mormon Island location. I have received many reports that ghostly figures have been seen at Folsom Lake and one of the best reports I received is when 2 men on a boat late at night fishing claim that they saw 3 figures of light come out of the water. The figures were of 2 women and 1 man dressed from the 19th century. As they watched, they saw their heads emerge from the water. The two men had handle bar mustaches and the woman had her hair in a bun. Their bodies were half way out of the water and they did not seem to notice the fisherman as they moved straight ahead. As the fishermen watched, the 3 figures of light faded into nothingness. This sighting shook the fishermen to their core. Darrell Lindburgh formerly of Citrus Heights claims he saw a horse drawn carriage moving along the water and it was half way revealed from the water. The sighting was for a few seconds and then the carriage disappeared. The sighting occurred in the early evening hours. Thomas Fairways from Lodi claims he was out on his boat and heard a baby crying and there was no baby around and his paranormal experience occurred in the late afternoon. All of these sightings make sense because below Folsom Lake is Mormon Island, a ghost town that is still haunted by some of its citizens. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: MORMON ISLAND GHOSTLY SPECTERS

Let’s get some history on Mormon Island. Mormon Island was once a mining community. The majority of the population was Mormons. The Mormons that resided in Mormon Island were seeking fortune along the American River. From Wikipedia: “Early in March 1848, W. Sidney, S. Willis, and Wilford Hudson, members of the Mormon Battalion, set out from Sutter’s Fort to hunt deer. Stopping on the south fork of the American River, they found gold. They told their story on returning to the fort, and soon about 150 Mormons and other miners flocked to the site, which was named Mormon Island. This was the first major gold strike in California after James W. Marshall’s discovery at Coloma. The population of the town in 1853 was more than 2,500. It had four hotels, three dry-goods stores, five general merchandise stores, an express office, and many small shops. The first ball in Sacramento County was held here on December 25, 1849. A fire destroyed the town in 1856, and it was never rebuilt. The community dwindled after the California gold rush and only a scattered few families were left in the 1940s.

What was left of Mormon Island was eventually razed, as the Folsom Dam project was set to flood the town. The only visible remnant of this community is Mormon Island Cemetery, a relocation cemetery located south of the lake on the dry side of Mormon Island Dam (off of Green Valley Road in Folsom, California). The cemetery also contains remains exhumed from other cemeteries that were inundated by the creation of Folsom Lake as well as relocated graves from Prairie City which were unearthed during construction of an on-ramp to U.S. Route 50 from Prairie City Road.

Mormon Island is now registered as California Historical Landmark #569. Because the former site is under Folsom Lake, the historic marker is placed at the Folsom Point picnic area of Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

Special Note: I have been to Folsom Lake many times and I once had an experience of being watched, then feeling depressed for about 5 minutes. I could never explain what happened to me on that one particular day, but now that I reflect back on it, perhaps, just perhaps I felt the presence of a spirit from Mormon Island.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Would you believe that Folsom Lake at one time had it’s own watery monster called the Folsom Lake Water Serpent? Yes, this creature was seen about 6 times in the 19th century and seen 2 times in the 1960s. It has never been seen again. CRYPTID IDENTIFIED: FOLSOM LAKE WATER SERPENT


I have found this article all over the place and people placing their names to the article, taking credit for this list. In everything that is true, this article was originally written by me. Paul Dale Roberts.

1. The Record Store on K Street Mall
Briefing: An old woman in Victorian clothing appears to patrons and disappears. She is known to go up to a noisy patron and told him to keep the noise down. It is rumored she haunts the basement.

2. Old Sacramento Tunnels
Briefing: Old Sacramento was rebuilt over the original town. There are tunnels and a hidden town underneath, buried because of the rising waters of the Sacramento River. It is rumored that the underground area of Old Sacramento is so haunted that the transients don’t like sleeping down there. One transient said that besides the ghosts of the tunnels, the red beady eyes of rats in the night scared the hell out of him, he would never go back!
3. California State Library
Briefing: It is rumored that some sections of the California State Library are haunted in what is called the California Section. In the California Section, there has been seen an old man with glasses looking over old books. It is also said that there is a tunnel that goes from the California State Library to the Capitol and those tunnels might be haunted.

4. Pocket Area Homes
Briefing: These new homes were built over a Portuguese cemetery. Residents have complained that they have seen spirits in their new homes.

5. Richard Trenton Chase aka The Vampire of Sacramento Victim’s Homes
Briefing: Richard Trenton Chase also known as The Vampire of Sacramento committed some grisly murders in Sacramento. He was a serial killer that dabbled in drinking the blood of his victims and cannibalism. As a child he mutilated animals. It appears that at some of his victim’s homes, there may be some residual hauntings, the reenactment of murder plays over and over again.

6. Paradise Beach
Briefing: A man is sometimes seen walking the beach, he seems depressed. It is said that this man was a drowning victim.

7. A House on 60 Parkshore Circle – Greenhaven
Briefing: The people that lived in this house had a white rabbit. One day, the occupant of the home tied the white rabbit named Bugs to a long rope, so he could play in the backyard and not escape, since Bugs was the family pet. Bugs got entangled in the bushes by the rope and broke his neck. Passerbys walking in Seymour Park see a white rabbit in the front lawn playing and as they watch, the white rabbit dissipates into thin air.

8. Sacramento River – Greenhaven Area – Gloria Drive
Briefing: Late at night as you walk down the embankment of the Sacramento River, you can see a campfire going. As you approach the campfire, the campfire disappears. It is rumored that a transient drowned in this area and the campfire you see is the campfire he would make on his cold nights camping along the river. This could be a residual haunting. Also, on another note, 2 men from SMUD and a dog walker once saw a Sea Serpent, or what appeared to be a Sea Serpent in the same area of the Sacramento River, making loud thumping noises in the water. The dog walker said the sighting of the Sea Serpent occurred at 3:00 a.m.

9. Freeway exit to San Francisco off W Street
Briefing: In the 70s a woman was hitchhiking off this exit and she was murdered. Her murder was never solved. Some people say that ever once in a while, they see a ghostly image of a woman hitchhiking in the same area at night.

10. A House in Antelope
Briefing: This 1998 house was built on a Japanese Internment Camp of WWII. The occupants of the house, an Asian family claim they see a woman without a head that scares their 6 children that reside in that house. They also see a ghostly figure of a man in white t-shirt and white shorts. There is piano music that plays that can be heard from a distance. Sometimes objects are moved around the house and placed in inappropriate places.

I use gemstones to uplift my mood. Protection and purify my space and for dreaming. My husband uses holy water for cleansing houses. I use herbs such as sage and palo santo wood to purify the air. These items that are being used are for spiritual purposes and need to be re-energized and cleaned. I take all my items: abalone shells, candle holders, necklaces and anything that needs to be re-energized and place them in salt water beneath a full moon.

I also took rocks from Paradise Beach in Sacramento and cleansed them, lit two white candles on top of them and asked for a spiritual cleansing of that place. When you put out candles in a ritual you do not want to blow them out. I choose to put them out with agate. I used two candles because it came naturally. I use salt to purify because it also protects and I sweep, pray, sage and burn palo santo wood in the area to ensure my intentions. I hope they are cleansed and filled with the full moon light energy to work for my benefit and those that request my help.

It is a good idea to do this during every full moon. Because many of the crystals are not good to have indirect sunlight such as celestine and amethyst, I take a break in between praying and let the full moon bathe them for hours and then when everything is finished, I will bring all of the items back inside.

*Note: I change herbs, and candles with my heart so whatever comes naturally to me each month. Special Note from Paul: Deanna conducted this ritual on Christmas Night – Full Moon.

Another Special Note: Music that played during this ritual are: Robin Schulz – Sugar; John Newman – Love me Again; John Newman – Calvin Harris – Blame.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)

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