February 1, 2016 7:05 pm

In early 2014, a 3 year old boy from a Druze village in the Golan Heights region near Syria came forward with some astonishing and disturbing news. He claimed to that he was murdered in his life and stranger yet he knew where all pertaining evidence was and who did it. In America this kid would have been examined by the state and probably quieted. Thankfully, in Druze culture reincarnation is an accepted notion. The village elders were still shocked when they heard this unusually detailed account.

He took the elders to where his previous body and murder weapon had been buried away. The skeptical villagers dug where he said and found everything to be true. There was a human remain that had been assaulted with an axe. Buried at a different location was the same axe used used in the assault!

The confidence and age of the boy dumbfounded believers and skeptics. The remains and axe showed appropriate signs of decay consistent with the surroundings. So with the evidence hidden in the ground and the only explanation presented wa that the man had reincarnated.No other explanations have been put forward.

To up the wow factor, the boy had been born with a red slash of a birthmark. This mark matched the head injuries found on the skeleton. The Druze, along with many other cultures, believe that birthmarks are a sign of trauma in the previous life. In fact Druze priests and leaders encourage children to remember as much as they can about their past lives. When this young man touched down in his old village the elders pieced together that the dead version had been missing for 4 years. No one knew what happened, believing he had wandered into a rival tribe’s lands. His killer happened to still be in the village.

The boy had never been here in this form before, yet he walked right up to the accused called him by his full name and confronted him. Eye witness accounts say this man went white as a sheet and denied everything. To this day there isn’t enough forensic evidence to make progress and the accused has not confessed. Still this doesn’t happen often.


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