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Before anything can truly become alive in a spiritual and physical sense we must breathe deeply the air, into our dreams, into our subconscious mind and focus on bringing out our thoughts into real life actions. The act of intent is a powerful thing, perhaps the most powerful energy in the world. A simple thought, action or movement can shape the future.

Before something is, it is in the spiritual sense alive first. You can pull out messages from this universe by simply expanding your mind and focusing on your inner being.

The colors of the world seem to be prechosen and often symbolize deeply spiritual things. For instance, the changing of a leaf from green to brown is a process of death in the changing season of fall. Although, there are scientific reasons for this, the spiritual world has forewarned us what is happening and we can read this through color.

Giving someone flowers can signify spiritual intention by using certain colors for instance giving your lover red roses and bringing white ones to a funeral mean very different things. Give a yellow rose in friendship and a black to symbolize divine beauty and the universe. This is a powerful act of intention.

Reading colors is a spiritual gift and can be used for anything from dreams, art, auras, candle magic and beauty into interpreting mood by the color someone chooses to wear in a day. Most people subconsciously focus on colors at all times without realizing as it’s almost automatic.

Animals change color with the season, habitat and mood as well and when we are struck to try something new color often gives an energizing liveliness to many situations.

There is a place that gives birth to all souls and energy and we are made to know that place. Please feel comfortable there, in this spiritual world as that is a place of creation and home for your spirit.

It is your resting place in the heavens. You may safely draw out the information from your higher being here and focus on shaping your life like clay. You can really be in control of a lot more than you think you are capable of. We have learned the art of creation, through our own and you can amaze yourself if you only try. It seems like the artist has the most truthful and divine view on the world, the artist is essentially a master of colors. Color is expression.

Black is a shade and the absence of color. Black represents negativity, fear, death, depression and tragedy. Black is a very powerful signal of negative influences. The colors black and red together symbolize devious intentions as red is a negative symbol for anger.


The color blue is most often represented as a spiritual indicator of a positive manner. Blue is the color of the skies, clear waters and many precious gemstones. Blue has been used since ancient times as representation of spiritual peoples and truth.

If you dream of the color blue, pay most attention to what shade of blue you are seeing and the overall feeling that you experience. Wherever the blue is standing out there is most likely a pattern. For example, do you see it only when looking towards the skies or does everyone in the dream seem to be wearing this color? Well than you will associate it with the element it is in.

The stone Lapis Lazuli is used to enhance those with psychic abilities.

Staring into this dark blue rock can cause visions and immersing it in water may heighten them.

The color brown represents the Earth. This means soil, sand, dirt and wood. To dream of the color brown means that either your spiritual path is leading you on an unclean road or that you are being to materialistic. You need to find a way to center yourself. Because most woods are brown, it is not unnatural to dream of brown wood. However, because different types of wood hold special meaning it is important to focus on the shade of brown and the special meaning of the wood. Trees have roots which is also a symbol for our need to stay grounded.

The color gold represents good fortune, promises, spiritual wealth and refinement. To see gold in your dreams is an indicator of good luck soon to come. Pay special attention to any messages coming through, good luck does not necessarily mean material fortune. After all, money is just pieces of metal from the Earth that we placed values and ideas into. Its so palpable that it can be shaped easily, yet uncommon enough to be precious.

Green is a beautiful color (my favorite) that represents the nature and lush vegetation of the Earth. The color green is relaxing to look at.

The color green in a dream represents healing and good health. Because most of spirituality is composed of essence it could also possibly mean healing of your soul, heart or mind.


The color orange is the color of a flame burning. To see orange in your dreams represents a spiritual passion. As you realize, many things that are materialized into the physical world, once started in the dream world. Orange is a positive sign in dreams, foretelling of a positive life and an omen of good news. The only time orange can have a negative connotation is if it is lackluster, foretelling the same passion dying out.

Purple is a symbol of materialistic, alive, occult and earthly royalty.

Purple is a vibrant color, one that was only afforded by the rich in ancient times. It was a high symbol of status. Today, the energy still carries through and purple is linked much the same.
If you dream of the color purple you will be divinely successful in Earthly ways. People of ancient times believed that those in high status held a special esteem with the Gods and may have been the bloodline of superhuman beings. That is why there is an occult touch about this color, as if your material fortunes may have been God given.

The color red is an indicator of extreme emotions and anger. Red is also a symbol of life and blood. Red is a loud color, and a very hard color on your eye. Red stirs up bold actions and thoughts. To dream of the color red symbolizes anger and intensity. When you dream of this color you need to rely on your logic instead of emotions.


The color silver is used for representation of divine female energies especially ones dominated by the power of the moon. To see silver in your dreams is an indicator of unfortunate luck, but remember that luck is sometimes the signal of a new beginning through many endings. Silver may also represent a divine intuition. In these instances, I recommend going with the feeling from your dream into the present situation in life. Intuition is instant and immediate and so therefore, to dream of silver foretells of an event soon to pass.

White is also considered a shade and is a symbol for purity and innocence. In the United States, it is customary for a woman to wear white on her wedding day to represent this. White is a peaceful color but can be easily smeared or smudged and hard to keep clean when dreaming of white is signals the same emotions. Dreaming of a glowing white radiance is a celestial sign that you are very much loved by the Gods and Goddesses. Especially please take into your interpretations also the object or thing it is a celestial symbolism of greater proportions.

The color yellow is for friendship. If you see yellow lights, it foretells sorrow with wisdom. Yellow is the color for air in magic surprisingly so with it follows creation. To see the color yellow represents a balance of energies arriving to you but overall you will have a clarity and understanding.

Color is an act of expression and awareness. Color can be healing or stimulating but most of all it is magical. Please act with intention and understanding each day as your soul will remember this habit and it will be easy for you to be confident and powerful always as you focus on the whole spectrum of things.

The Painter

My memories are patterns
Of you
A wet brush painting my skin
Spiraling, staining
Awakening spirits from within
Calling me to feel freedom
The painter, the potter
I am your art piece
Your energy sculpture
Your Venus and your Jupiter

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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