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Remember that the sisters of those days were buried in a pine box and in no way embalmed like today. She died on April 16, 1879 and her body is Incorrupt. She is in the ranks of the Incorruptible Saints in the Catholic Church.

Even though incorruptibility does not confer sainthood upon the subject, it is still appreciated by the church as a supernatural occurrence the laws of nature have been suspended on their behalf for our edification and hope. Her Feast Day is celebrated on February 18

According to documents researched by Andre Ravier,S.J. in the Archives of Saint-Gildard Convent in Nevers; The body when first exhumed in 1909 was recorded to have been a dull white color and the nose was already dilated and shrunken although the hands perfectly preserved and she was fingering a rosary that was rusted. One could also smell a sweet perfumed fragrance in the presence of the body. Her eyes were not recorded as having sunk at this time but after several hours exposed to the air the body was beginning to take on a dark appearance in the skin tone. This darkening occurred naturally when the body was exposed to the air during each exhumation. Today the body is preserved in an air tight casket but when it is opened the perfumed scent has been noted.

In 1925 when the body was once more exhumed the examiners noting that her eyes were sunken and to disguise this and a blackish tinge to her face and hands a very fine wax was laid over the face and hands of St. Bernadette’s body.

The Body of St Bernadette after 122 years

Her body is still preserved and if you ever go to Nevers, France near Lourdes you can visit in person Her final resting place and view her body. Miracles have taken place here and at Lourdes in France where St Bernadette beheld our Lady as the Immaculate Conception.


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