March 1, 2016 4:02 pm

Warning Signs of Demonic Possession.

Here are some Basic Signs.


# Dream of scary figure, dream of rape, dream of shadow and/or dark animal dogs & cats (this also can mean black magic)

# Scratches or bruises on body that appear suddenly

# Sudden depression, suddenly one remembers sad things that one had gone through in their past and can’t stop thinking of them (this is done by the spirit to break the person down. A person can be possessed at specific states, extreme saddens & extreme happiness etc)

# Suddenly loss of motor skills, sudden loss of things we do daily, causing us to stay at home

# Bad luck

# Seeing objects mostly shadows throughout the day, feeling someone is watching you, feeling not alone

# Daily sleep paralysis

# Sudden health problems, such as loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, loss of skin color, one tends to look ill


# Can’t think thoroughly on their own

# One speaks in different tongues and voices

# Incredible human strength

# Facial expression change, look is very evil

# Laughter followed by crying

# Like to be alone and stay in filth

# Hatred toward everyone especially GOD

These are just a few simple “signs of possession” but one must also take into account that these could also be “a medical issue”.

Anyone’s chance of “not healing from an exorcism” is very slim. But the chances of one being “mentally distraught” after possession are very high.

One must realize that “a demon” is not a part of our body and for a demon to possess an individual; it takes much out of them. And during an exorcism, the entity is even in more strain, giving them more of a reason to leave. If one even looks at the Exorcisms performed by the Vatican, the chance of success are near 95%.

At times when a demon possesses someone it is for a specific reason. And during an exorcism when the demon is in pain and realizes how much torture it has put it victim through, only gives is another reason to leave, especially when trying to avoid death.

It is true that the longer the demon stays in a person, the harder it is to remove, but certainly not impossible. Only the cases which involve possession related to love, the demon is willing to kill itself and the victim. To them, if they can’t have her/him, no one can.

The few cases that I have heard of where the victim died was because of the medical issues that had transpired during the course of the possession, thus causing the person to be very weak and in a fragile state, and during an exorcism, the entity is in pain, but the victim also feels much strain.

If the healer has the proper knowledge, he/she is aware of the proper protocols, aware of the entity and aware of the reason; the chances of success are 99%.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella