March 3, 2016 12:43 pm

Cameras scattered during the 2016 Oscars pre-show as there was an apparent security breach on the star studded red carpet. Security details for nearby celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga forcibly removed their clients mid interview due to the nearby intruder. The stars and starlets were whisked away to a safe location nearby, evading the grasp of the possibly dangerous man lurking on the red carpet.

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Multiple people began reporting a man who was believed to have bypassed security and made it onto the highly secure red carpet during the pre-show. This feat is nearly impossible as the Oscars is one of the highest profile events of the year.

While the man casually strolled down the red carpet, a security team rushed in to take the intruder down and remove him from the event. As he was tackled, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes fell from the man’s pocket — bouncing off of the ground. He didn’t appear to resist any of the efforts of the security team, but could be heard screaming “dig through the ditches and burn through the witches — I slam in the back of my dragula!”

Almost immediately, people nearby began speculating that the man was possessed.

There’s only one problem, it was actually Rob Zombie — a noted film director and legendary musician in the hard rock and heavy metal world.

Zombie looked unkept among celebrities sporting elaborate dresses and tuxedos, clearly startling the A-List stars who are seemingly unaware of the rock and metal world.

As soon as security figured out who he was, they apologized profusely. The team was unable to communicate with Rob Zombie as he refused to stop shouting the lyrics to his 1998 hit single — Dragula.

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