April 4, 2016 4:49 pm

There just has to be a lot more to a bizarre story out of Maplewood. Mental illness, serious drug use, or some other cause of hallucinations could very possibly have left someone seriously if not gravely injured.

For now, all we’ve got to go on is a crime alert originating out of the St. Paul suburb that’s home to the 3M headquarters and, according to one woman, at least two ghosts.

The alert, which a user posted to imgur late last night, tells the story of a woman who was “unresponsive” and behind a locked door when her family found her. She was holding a large kitchen knife, and was covered in blood. Her body had no visible wound that could have accounted for that much blood loss.

Medics were called, and the woman eventually came back to consciousness. It was then that she told her version of the events that had led to her discovery in that state.

“She claimed that she was attacked by two ‘ghosts,'” the crime alert says, “and stabbed one of them in the chest before she went unconscious.”

Aside from the blood that covered the woman’s face, neck, and hands, there was a trail that led all over the house — but did not extend outside it.

Of course, the Maplewood Police Department is not Ghostbusters, so they are treating the mysterious incident like a potentially serious crime. That would mean a live, human stabbing victim somewhere out there, who managed to escape the woman’s home alive, though without leaving a blood trail.

The alert hopes to bring someone out the woodwork who saw something Tuesday — “Thank you for checking!” comes the rather cheerful sign-off — and might help clear up what really happened there. One might think that in a fairly small, peaceful suburb, the sight of a person staggering around bleeding might have caught someone’s attention.

Or that this victim would have contacted police, or sought medical attention for their wounds. As of Friday morning, there is only one witness, and she’s claiming that whoever she stabbed was already dead.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella