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Everybody knows about such masterpieces of this genre as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday 13th, Saw, Halloween, Paranormal Activity, Sinister and others. You may not be a fan of horror movies but you definitely know about their motives, features and characters. You know that curious feeling when you sit on the sofa watching a horror film and waiting for a sudden murder or splash of fear. Many people think that horror is a dull and tasteless genre whereas the plot is always simple and predictable. Such films can only impress with special effects and tense atmosphere. Of course, they are not right. Horror is art.

People watch movies in order to feel something and experience some emotions. In case of horror, people want to experience fear and tension. Our life is so dynamic and uninteresting that we do not have time for something challenging and uncommon. Thus, one can say that people watch horror to escape from their sad and monotonous reality. They run from their daily routine. On the other hand, terrific and fearful events described in horror films prove that our life is not so bad. We do not have to struggle against monsters, zombies, vampires and other creatures. We do not need to fight to stay alive. In this case, horror is the best remedy for pessimism.

An average second-rate horror movie has a typical and conventional script. A group of young people appears in a strange and forgotten location that does not have connection with civilization. They meet a strange inhabitant of this place who retells them a weird story about it. For sure, the story is related to severe murder or slaughter. Then, we meet the main antagonist who kills our heroes one by one in the most creative and unbelievable ways. At long last, the surviving main characters manage to escape from the location or kill this antagonist. Without doubt, one can name at least ten pseudo horror movies with the same plot. They are of poor quality and boring predictable conclusion. It is very difficult to find a worthy, absorbing and authentic horror. There are many films that just possess the elements of this genre. The majority of adaptations of Steven King belong to this group. When you watch Mist or Shining, you understand that they are not authentic horror movies. However, you shudder and close your eyes when there are any sudden crucial scenes.

There are horror films that are characterized with their extreme brutality. The brightest representative of this group is Saw. You are not afraid of any unpredictable and sudden actions or motions. You feel disgust because of brutal murders and tortures. For that reason, if you are afraid of blood, Saw is the best movie for your nerves.

If you enjoy movies about exorcism, demons and spirits, Paranormal Activity and Sinister will suit you. Such films are associated with the specific genuine atmosphere of expectation and stress. Sounds, rapid motion, mist and twilight make you expect something terrible in the dark. In my opinion, such movies are the worthiest whereas they awoke the most fearful emotions and rapid heartbeat. You do not see any monsters or ghosts but you expect to see them every minute. This expectation is torturing for your nerves. Many directors strive to make their movies look true-to-life. Sometimes they look as if they were shot with the help of a cellphone camera. Such films resemble documentaries and you believe that the plot is based on the real-life situation.

The best advertisement of a new horror is its negative reputation or black PR. When the film is banned for its brutal and violent scenes, people want to watch it eagerly. They want to find out the reason of this ban. The reason of this fact is simple. People have always strived to receive access to the prohibited things.

Horror is still a very popular genre in cinematography. Every year dozens of new movies appear on the screen. Nevertheless, many fans claim that the quality of horror reduces gradually. They lose their underground character and quaint microclimate. In simple words, the genre is not frightful anymore. Big studios release expensive sequels of famous and successful horrors, invite well-known actors and simply make money with their help. Unluckily, such sequels spoil the foremost genuine versions of horror films. No wonder, the audience is always waiting for some fresh underground releases and revolutionary inventive directors.

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