May 13, 2016 12:44 pm

I downloaded the book about Mark and Debby Constantino.

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Demon Song by Janice Oberding

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A good two hour read.

My Review ….

A sad tale of greed and jealousy that should not have happened but for the formula that they themselves thrived and fed on and then instead of dividing the bread ended up dead. My heart weeps for the family of Jimmie Anderson and Summer Myers who have to tread through the wake of this tragic unnecessary unraveling of two people not one but two people.

The spirits of Mark and Debby perhaps  now have to muddle through muck to make amends and then hopefully yes hopefully can ascend separately. The names Constantino and Angelo/Angelina  predicted a spiritual existence that needed to stay spiritual.  I hope only the best for their children and their children’s children. A beautifully written forward by Tara Lorentzen also  deserves mention. I did not understand the title Demon Song when the author makes it clear in the first chapter that demon involvement was scoffable.

Also a rather unflattering picture of Debby on the cover raised question.


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