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I recently received a phone call from Rita Montoya of San Mateo. Rita says that when she was driving near Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, she saw the ghost of a woman with her head tilted to one side, as if it had been partially severed. Rita says that the image was quite disturbing and at first she thought it was a gag, that someone had created a pre-Halloween costume, then she noticed that this strange figure was somewhat transparent. As she watched the apparition for two minutes, the apparition simply dissipated.

I thought this was quite an odd call and I started wondering if there was a murder in San Francisco near this area, where a woman may have been partially decapitated. As I searched various crime data bases, I learned that a couple, a professor and his wife were driving through the industrial section of San Francisco in the wee hours during the fall of 1973, when they came upon a man staggering out of the shadows towards them.

The couple thought nothing of it, they merely thought he was another skid-row drunk. The street was illuminated by sparse and dim yellow streetlights, but even though the lights were dim, they noticed that the man had his hands tied behind his back.

The professor was alarmed at what he was seeing. Who was this man with his hands tied behind his back? The professor got out of the car and cautiously approached the stranger. The stranger was muttering incoherently and struggling to maintain his balance. The professor called out to him. When the man turned around, the professor gasped. The stranger was hideously mutilated! The professor saw that the man’s skin hung in bloody strips from his skull, as if someone had hacked at his face with a machete.

The professor learns at a later time, that someone actually did hack his face with a machete!

The man with his hands tied behind his back was Richard Hague. A few hours before, Richard and his wife Quita were taking an after-dinner stroll around their neighborhood. A van pulled up and men in black ski masks forced them into a white van. The men in the van sexually molested Quita ,then they slashed her throat with a machete, nearly decapitating her. After Quita was attacked, then it was her husband’s turn. The machete was used over and over again, as it made contact with Richard’s head. Presuming Richard was dead, the men dumped him off the side of the road. Richard was not dead. The minutes that Richard walked the streets in his bloody condition, it would seem like an eternity. Richard Hague and Quita were the first victims of what was later known as the Zebra Killings. The Zebra Killers received their moniker from the San Francisco Police Department. The police would dedicate the Z radio frequency for anything relating to the Zebra killings. During the killings, the residents of San Francisco felt like they were in a vice grip, the terror of these killings was unimaginable. If the insane Colonel Walter E. Kurtz (Marlon Brando) of Apocalypse Now were to witness these murders….the words would simply flow out….”the horror, the horror”.

I can now only wonder if Rita saw the ghost of Quita? Could it be that Quita still wanders the streets of San Francisco with her head tilted to one side from a machete cut? Her death was so quick, so sudden. She probably still seeks answers to why she was brutally murdered. Rita, my team will be headed for San Francisco on October 9, 2010, Saturday, we will be working a demonic case. If we have time, we will see what we can find on Telegraph Hill. Perhaps Quita needs to find her way to the light.


Liberty Theater – Joint Forces Training Base – Los Alamitos, CA

Former head nurse Edna Alcorn was jilted by her lover for a woman with red hair; long after her death, she is known to be feisty with anyone with the same hair color (usually shutting off lights and locking doors). The other ghost seen here is that of a sailor usually sitting in the same seat of the auditorium. Special Note: On April 25, 26, 2016, I will be on a business trip in Los Alamitos, Ca for my Department. While there I will be visiting the Liberty Theater and see if I can find any paranormal activity at the Liberty Theater.


When I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, flying back home, I had a small layover in Bogato, Columbia. The next layover was in Houston, Texas. My brother Joseph ‘Joe’ Soyo once visited Barranquilla, Columbia. So at some point of time, I will write about the haunting activities in Columbia and there are many paranormal stories that come out of this country. One of those stories is about the abandoned Hotel Del Salto. This hotel was closed in the 1990s, because of contaminated water. There is talk about reopening this hotel, but it’s only talk. I received a call on my paranormal hotline from a gentleman named Juan. Juan tells me that he was once an assistant caretaker at this hotel. On one particular night, he witnessed two men (ghosts) that seemed to be fighting on the 2nd floor. From what he could tell, it was a knife fight and one of the men buckled down and was holding his stomach. At first Juan thought the men were real people, but saw that he could see through them, they were partially translucent. After the fight, they both just faded away into nothingness. On another night, Juan saw a woman in a yellow dress hanging out by the balcony. Before he knew it, she climbed over the wall and leaped to her death, when he ran over to the balcony, he did not see the woman in the yellow dress. Juan knew he saw a ghost. Juan says that the Hotel Del Salto is very, very haunted and he has no desire to ever return.


Activity is at an all-time high. Cabinets popped open and 4 plates flew out. Shadow figure seen in the hallway. Electrical appliances turned on by themselves.


RJ states that his brother passed away. The neighbors would hear the piano playing every night up to the point where they discovered RJ’s brother’s body. The piano continued to play after his death. The piano has peddles. The realtor took pictures inside the house and captured a silhouette of a man with a black overcoat and hat – shadow person?
People enter the home and get instant goosebumps. 31 bibles were found in the house.


From: “Doreen McNeill” <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2016 10:15:32 AM
Subject: Paranormal Investigator Survey
Hello. I am a student at York College of Pennsylvania, and am doing a research paper on paranormal investigation methods. I would like to know if you or anyone in your organization would be interested in participating by filling out an 11 question survey about your investigating experience and data collecting methods. This is an anonymous survey so I will not ask for any personal information.
Thank you,
Doreen McNeill
York College of Pennsylvania
Music Industry and Recording Technology Major
Professional Writing Minor



Orbs can almost be anything. They can be light refractions, lint, dust, skin flakes, bugs, dew, etc. How do you determine if an orb is an actual S.C.F. (Spiritual Containment Field)? Answer: We look for intelligent movement. Case example. One of my investigators was feeling drained, he felt that the entity named Emily was draining his energy, I told him to sit down. I asked Emily to appear above his head. We took a picture of the investigator with 3 cameras and all 3 cameras showed an orb above his head. Next, I told Emily to kiss him. With 3 cameras, we capture an orb on the investigator’s mouth, this showed ‘intelligent movement’. This is something I can deem as paranormal. Sometimes I will place my hand up against the wall and tell the entity to appear by my hand and with a photo, you can sometimes see an orb at my hand, again showing intelligent movement.

Sometimes we have what we call ‘Designer Orbs’. These are orbs with intricate designs inside them, they are like snowflakes, every orb is different, some may even have a nucleus. Sometimes if you enhance or enlarge the designer orb, you will see a face in the designer orb. Case example. I conducted an investigation in Del Paso Heights and snap some pictures in the backyard. I capture two designer orbs. When enhancing the orb pictures, I can see dog faces in the orbs. I go back to the occupant and ask what she has in the backyard, she tells me she has orange trees. I chuckle and ask her what else do you have back there. She tells me her two dogs are buried back there. I then bring out the photos and she looks at them and starts crying. I ask her…”why are you crying?” She is looking at the designer orb photos and says….”those are my dogs!” This is something I can deem as paranormal. The designer orbs she looked at are S.C.F. (Spiritual Containment Fields).


When conducting an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session, I will simply say a few words like….”is there anyone here, who are you, why are you here?” I will then pause and give the entity time to respond. I will then immediately play back…and we may have actually caught an EVP that may say something like….”I’M RIGHT HERE!” I get results instantly for the client and do not leave recorders running all night long.


Wayne Cashman, Paranormal Investigator Extraordinaire

I want to thank Wayne Cashman personally for setting me up with Mama Lisa Cares Radio/Internet TV Show! Wayne is working on a case for me in Kentucky and I look forward to his report. You will be reading his report in one of my upcoming future articles. Wayne is a top-notch investigator and if you ever have a case in Kentucky, look Wayne up! Or you can contact Wayne at: The name of Wayne’s outfit is: Kentuckiana Research 4 Paranormal Activity. It is a 4 member group, including Wayne.

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