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5 Dangerously Real Ghosts You Need to Know About

Of all the scary movies we watch, it’s maybe the ghost stories that linger the longest. Even a flesh-and-blood serial killer is a real person who can be caught and imprisoned, but the spirit world hides the intangible, the ethereal, the unknown…

Check out 5 stories of reported hauntings in real life and consider – what would you do if you were confronted by a ghost?

1. Chloe the Slave Girl

Location: Francisville, Louisiana

Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana owned many slaves, including a young girl called Chloe, who the family complained would eavesdrop, even having one of her ears cut off as punishment for listening at keyholes. Local legend claims that Chloe got her terrible revenge – she cunningly baked a large cake full of poisonous oleander leaves, dooming the family of the house to an agonizing death.

Despite running from the house, the other slaves hung her for her crime, and now Chloe’s restless spirit angrily stalks the grounds on which she was put to death…

2. The Ghost of Clifton Hall

Location: England, UK

$4 million mansion Clifton Hall gives extra value for your money – it comes with a free, guaranteed haunting. Owner Anwar Rashid reported bizarre phenomena after he and his family moved into the luxury home, including a strange man knocking and calling out, ‘Hello, is anyone there?’

The family saw apparitions, with an unknown woman appearing at the window of an inaccessible, boarded up room, and sounds of babies screaming. After only 8 months in their haunted dream home, the Rashids fled the property.

3. The Phantom President

Location: The White House, USA

People say that Abraham Lincoln had a premonition before his assassination: he dreamed that he attended his own funeral at the white house. Sadly, he never took his dream seriously enough to avoid his murder, but perhaps his ghost had the last laugh…

Several white house visitors have claimed to have been surprised by Lincoln’s ghost, though fortunately, the great man has always been benign to visitors. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill notoriously encountered the dead president when he was having a bath, to which he countered, ‘Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.’

4. The Spirit of Kate Morgan

Location: Hotel del Coronado, South California

The beautiful Victorian hotel in sunny Coronado seems like an unlikely place for a haunting, but local legend tells of a gorgeous young woman, Kate Morgan, who stayed one fateful night in 1892.

Morgan fell sick – other patrons suspected she was overdosing on quinine to induce miscarriage of an unwanted pregnancy – but nobody suspected that she would be found dead on the hotel steps, one solitary bullet wound through her temple.

The death was judged a suicide, but ever since her death, Morgan’s presence has been felt: flickering lights, peculiar sounds – and stories from several peturbed guests, wondering why a strange woman was passing through their room…

5. Resurrection Mary

Location: Justice, Illinois

Any man traveling alone along Archer Lane around Resurrection Cemetery may be confronted by an attractive young female hitchhiker. She will be blonde-haired and blue-eyed, in a pretty party dress… and she died in the 1930’s.

Many cultures speak of a ghostly hitchhiker, but ‘Resurrection Mary’ is the subject of several eye-witness accounts, including that of a cab driver in 1973 who thought his passenger had skipped a fare – until he realized that she had vanished completely.

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