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Cherry Witch Fire
Sweet cherry lips puckering
Whispering gently to the fire
Never mind the doom coming
Love what you do consume
The pink wood softly burns
As my soul yearns to
Be with the Gods
All of my desires
Are laid out upon the pyre
The light of a witch
Seeking all that is pure
You will find within the heart
Of the flame
Is only change, change, change…

Fire is an ever changing force. It burns for a short while, consuming everything that it can and creates a spiritual smoke. It feeds on wood, energy, air, wax and so much more. What the fire leaves in its wake is an altered state from which it was in before. Fire is a powerful and living force.

I want to share with you some legends of fire that symbolize the significance of this element. The simplicity of its desires is not hard to understand, yet they are hard to destroy once they are out of control.

Can this be a symbology of the Gods themselves? A fire let loose that will not quit burning, until it is done with us all. Until it has done what it was set out to do? Who then, who can be to blame but the Firestarter for setting embers of the Gods onto the Earth?

Stories from the Gods

Agni is a Vedic god of fire, divine knowledge and sacrifices. He is oftentimes the one carrying the messages from the Gods. He promotes forward thinking and is often first to start in a ceremony as he symbolizes thought, intent and command.
Agni takes the offerings that we bring him through the fire into the other world for the Gods to sort them out. Agni was said to have brought humankind fire, so that these tasks may be done.

Maman Brigitte
She is a beautiful dark loa with requirements for her presence. She finds comfort in cemeteries and is distraught when she sees a gravestone without a cross. If she sees this, she is prone to knock the grave over.

Her symbol is a black rooster, and she has her roots in Voodoo magic. It is believed that drinking rum with hot peppers can bring this spirit close to you.

She is the mysterious cobra woman goddess of Egypt who burns her enemies with a sharp fire that leaves her mouth; much like a dragon. She however reminds me of a shooting star, a serpent slithering with a trail of light and ice shooting through the sky. She is entranced, by the melody of time.

She is one of the oldest Egyptian goddesses in recorded history. Her reign began in Per-Wadjet, an ancient city and she soon spread throughout the lower lands.

Wadjet is the daughter of Ra. She made him very happy so much so that he decided to put on her head a cobra crown, symbolizing her as his protector and proudness for her. When an enemy tries to steal her crown, it will come to life and kill them.
She is an icon for the eye symbol, of which people often days associate with curses and destruction onto mankind to avenge her father for countless offenses that he may count against us. Yet, ultimately the curse burns us like a fire leaving us changed eternally.

Fire in Dreams
If you see fire in your dreams it is a powerful symbol of transformation, change, difficulties and illumination. Take note of the force of the flame. Is it hot and comforting in a storm or out of control and destructive? This can help you to unlock the dream door and further travel into your soul, your inner light, and your inner flame.


A ritual that can help you meditate on flames is one with cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon sticks are often times burned for times where protection and divinity is needed. Cinnamon can also help your psychic development and divining skills which you will need to use once you are in your dreams to remember and process them when you waken.

Cinnamon is strongly associated with the element of fire. It is often times added to herbal rituals in order to increase the power of other herbs. It intensifies your mind, soul and power. It was said to have been burned in Asian temples in order to purify the atmosphere.

Cinnamon is a pleasing choice because it is budget friendly and the smoke smells great. It is associated with the sun, enlightenment and transformation.

Love is a Fire

Love is a symbol oftentimes tied up with that of fire. Fire is a purifying spirit just the same as love. Do not overlook the red hot symbols associated with fire in American culture; such as red lips, red roses, and a bright sun.

Fire is also out of control and dangerous when in the wrong hands. It is a symbol of power in love as well as to the light that resides within us all.

by DJS

You Cobra
A soul of
Sapphire and gold
Telepathic serpent
So old your
Wings of time fly
As you hurry by
Racing the sun
Shooting stars in your eyes
Burnt soul, you’re the one
No man could hold
Wadjet, dark and bold
Sunset chasing you
The look you give
The land you rule
Of ancient royalty
Songs of nobility
On your lips
Flame kisses
Death wishes
Fortunes foretold

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Rose Goddess


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