July 11, 2016 8:31 am

Sundays just aren’t the same now that new episodes of The Walking Dead have stopped shambling in. Luckily, I’ve found a way to get my fill of Walkers every day thanks to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, a new horror-themed role-playing game from mobile developer Scopely.

Walking Dead fans have been turning for this game in droves. With a great story, violent combat and buckets of blood, Road to Survival is every zombie fan’s dream come true.

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If you like the show, the comics or the last few video games from The Walking Dead, Road to Survival brings more of that gritty action to your phone. You’ll play as a lone survivor wandering around in the wasteland, but pretty soon you will meet up with other survivors and head to the relative safety of a nearby town. In classic Walking Dead style, your survivors will have to deal with just as much drama as bloodshed.

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Throughout the story, you will be prompted to make life-or-death choices that will impact the story and change the sequences you see next. With tons of choices, you and your friends will never see the same story.

Beyond story, you’ll deal with combat and city building as you play. You will build your city and add new buildings, and by doing so you will power up your team. In turn, when your team goes out to explore you’ll find resources that you can then put back into building your city. The different gameplay components fit nicely together and make each part of the game feel important.

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Most importantly for Walking Dead fans, the gameplay doesn’t get in the way of what makes the series so great in the first place. Of course were talking about great characters and terrifying combat sequences. The game is dense with mature, gritty story sequences. Meanwhile, intense tactical combat doesn’t disappoint when it comes to tough decision-making and visceral gore.

If you’ve been missing The Walking Dead like us, check out Road to Survival. It condenses everything that makes the TV show and comics great into a bloody good time that you can bring anywhere.

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