July 24, 2016 3:08 pm

Startling horror news just came down from Comic-Con tonight: thanks to a surprise screening, fans were stunned to discover that Adam Wingard’s highly anticipated horror feature THE WOODS is actually an official sequel to 1999’s THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT!


As it turns out, THE WOODS was merely a working title for the top-secret production, and

BLAIR WITCH will now be the film’s official handle. Here’s the new poster art!


BLAIR WITCH also marks another re-teaming of fan favorite Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, who collaborated on the cult hits YOU’RE NEXT and THE GUEST. This film came about as the result of a secret meeting between the filmmakers and Lionsgate exec Jason Constantine.


Filmed in Vancouver last year, BLAIR WITCH stars James Allen McCune as the brother of Heather, the student documentarian who disappeared along with her two fellow filmmakers during the events of the groundbreaking 1999 original (unlike the poorly-received sequel BOOK OF SHADOWS, BLAIR WITCH 2, Wingard’s film returns to the original found-footage style), and expands on the lore of the Blair Witch as the mystery behind Heather’s fate is revealed.


BLAIR WITCH’s release date is now set for September 16. Check out the nightmarish new trailer right here… and if you’ve seen the original film, you’re going to get some serious chills.