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USS Hornet Investigation

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective

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HPI USS Hornet Supernatural Eradication Unit Now stop by here to check out some of our photos from the USS Hornet Investigation: http://s970.photobucket.com/albums/ae185/PaulDaleRoberts55/USSHornet/ Before I go on with our investigation at the USS Hornet, on this day: May 1, 2011 Sunday – President Obama declared that under his authority a reconnaissance mission was carried out by the Navy Seals, in which the number 1 terrorist of the world was killed. Osama bin Laden.

The Navy Seals are a specialized unit within the Navy, that carry on their warrior duties that may include and are not limited to: Conducting insertions and extractions by sea, air or land to accomplish covert, Special Warfare / Special Operations missions Capturing high-value enemy personnel and terrorists around the world Collecting information and intelligence through special reconnaissance missions Carrying out small-unit, direct-action missions against military targets Performing underwater reconnaissance and the demolition of natural or man-made obstacles prior to amphibious landings I had the honor during my time as an OPFOR instructor teaching the Soviet Threat, to meet these valuable warriors.

They truly proved their value on this day, when arriving by helicopter, engaged in a fire fight that lasted for 40 minutes, bringing a treacherous terrorist to his final demise. God bless the Navy Seals, they truly fight for our freedom and independence. God bless our President. God bless our nation and God Bless the victims of 9/11. America has the strength to endure the worst of times and on May 1, 2011, America showed it’s ability to smite evil from our world! I am proud to be an American! On this same day, our investigation lead us to a ship that carried its patriotic duties during World War II and the Apollo mission. To read about the USS Hornet’s legacy in history, stop by here: http://www.uss-hornet.org/history/ Judy Raderchak and Regina Tellez of EGPI (Elk Grove Paranormal Investigations) and HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International) set up this fabulous investigation and brought along myself, Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe, Bryan Coleman, Jennifer Newell/Psychic and Chantal Apodaca/Psychic. We were taken into the operations area, battle pressing station where they patch sailors up.

There were signs ‘authorized personnel only’ and ‘keep out – docent tours only’, but our HPI team was determined to investigate all areas of the ship, may it lead us to areas unknown such as the morgue, the area of the Turn and Burn Unit where a man hung himself in this engine room. We listened to our tour guide Phil tell us various stories surrounding this historic vessel. Radio silence was observed when enemy subs were around. Rosie the Riveteer women worked on ships like the USS Hornet. I must tell you my own mother Rosita (Rosemarie) Causing – Roberts was a Rosie the Riveteer, except she worked on WWII planes.

Here is a shocking story that Phil told us. When a man fell overboard, he was considered as dead. Why? Because the ship kept on its course. The USS Hornet has fighting capabilities, but it also had the capability of producing 92,000 gallons of drinkable water for the crew mates. In June of 1970, the USS Hornet was decommissioned and now it is a museum that is open to the public. The USS Hornet has a reputation of being haunted. Ghost Adventures http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Ghost_Adventures – obtained a clear EVP in the USS Hornet and we were in the same area where they obtained that EVP. We were unsuccessful in obtaining an EVP where the Ghost Adventures crew obtained there EVP, but we were successful in other areas of the ship. Special Note: When HPI investigated the Preston Castle for Conversations of a Serial Killer for Two Four Productions in England, Ghost Adventures investigated Preston Castle next, then came Ghost Hunters International and finally Ghost Lab. The producer of Ghost Adventures contacted me when Ghost Adventures investigated the tunnels of Old Sacramento and asked if I could get them into the Martinez House.

I couldn’t get the Ghost Adventures crew into the Martinez House. The owner Aruso told me after I wrote my article on the Martinez House, that his home is not haunted, even though his neighbors think his home has paranormal activity. Back to the USS Hornet. It appears that we may have obtained two EVPs. I counted military cadence and one of the EVPs seems to mimic me. Another EVP sounds like it is saying ‘hey’. The EVPs will be analyzed further to determine if they are authentic or if we received contamination from outside voices. Jennifer Newell took some unique orb pictures. One was a very bright orb and the other orb is a designer orb, when enhanced it shows a face.

We will again analyze the photos to see if Jennifer actually captured two spiritual containment fields (orbs of a paranormal nature). Jennifer tried to duplicate her photos by having Chantal kick dust into the air and was not able to duplicate the images. The USS Hornet is truly a maze and you can easily get lost on this ship, but thanks to Phil he guided us through this maze and told some incredible stories of this historic relic of America’s days gone past. God bless America! Drawing by Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online VP!


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