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Danny Hughsborg from Little Rock, Arkansas claims that the Fort Smith gallows is very haunted. Danny’s mother claims to have seen someone hanging from the gallows. One of Danny’s friends while visiting the gallows, felt a tightening on his neck. When his friend looked in the mirror, he found a red mark around his neck area.

From these gallows, Judge Isaac Parker aka the Hanging Judge had a strong influence. Judge Parker was the US District Judge in Fort Smith from 1875 to 1896. Judge Parker did not waste time with sentencing criminals to death. He sentenced 160 men to death for various murders and rapes. From the 160 men, 79 of those men faced their demise at the gallows.

With all of the deaths surrounding these gallows, it’s no surprise that the gallows would be haunted.

Danny had his own experience at the gallows. As Danny spoke to me on the paranormal hotline, he explains that while visiting the gallows, he saw 6 men standing on the gallows. As he looked at the 6 men, they slowly started to fade away. The 6 men were standing on the gallows and were not hanging. History shows that 6 men were hanged at once (twice) at these gallows. On another day, Danny came upon a weeping woman at the gallows. As Danny went to tap the lady on the shoulder, his fingers went right through her. The woman turned around and she had piercing green eyes. He felt like her eyes were looking right into his soul. Danny believes that this may be the wife or girlfriend of one of the hanged men. Danny blinked his eyes and when his eyes were unblinked, the green-eyed woman was no longer there.

On one night around 1 a.m., while at his home in Little Rock while lying in his bed, the bed started shaking back and forth. A family picture on the wall fell to the ground. Danny tried to wake up his wife, but there was no waking her. Danny couldn’t understand with all of the noise in the bedroom, why his wife was not waking up. The bedroom door was partially open. From the dark opening, a pair of eyes came out. The eyes were green. The eyes came right at Danny, then floated to his right side. The eyes seemed to just look at Danny, then he heard a woman’s whimpering whisper. She says: “stop this, stop this now!”

The eyes back away and go out the opened door into a dark hallway. The door slams shut and Danny’s wife wakes up. Danny asks his wife if she was aware of the paranormal visitation and she was not aware of anything, but tells Danny she had a dream about the gallows. She dreamed that she was walking barefoot at the gallows and a green mist floated into the gallows area. When the green mist touched her bare feet, it stung. The stinging was so bad, she finally awoke to the sound of the door slamming shut. When Danny turned on the light, there were red blotchy marks on her ankles and feet. Danny is now an independent ghost hunter and will be going back to the gallows.

Other Hauntings in Fort Smith, Arkansas:
A janitor that works at a local school in Fort Smith claims that while working on the 2nd floor classroom, there was a tapping on the window. The tapping kept on going and even when he approached the window, the tapping continued. It sounded like a finger constantly hitting the glass. He looked for tree limbs and there was no tree limbs. When the janitor asked if anyone is here? The tapping started again and the janitor ran out of the room. The janitor has seen dark shapes, like shadow people move up and down the basement stairs.

Then There is the Clayton House:
This house was built in 1852 and used as a hospital for Civil War soldiers. A notable owner is William Clayton. William was an attorney appointed to the Western District by President Ulysses in 1874. The bedroom on the 2nd floor gives people a creepy feeling, they sometimes feel cobwebs all over their bodies. One person felt they were slapped in the face. A woman visiting the bedroom felt a strong tug on her dress, later her pony tail was pulled. People have claimed to have heard boots stomping, hair being tugged on, feeling touched, a candle being raised in the air, doors slamming, tapping on the window, music being played from various areas of the house. Paranormal investigators had no problems in obtaining EVP evidence in the Clayton House. A woman ghost was seen in William Clayton’s study. Another time, the same woman was seen in the study flipping through a book. Satchel Long when looking at the book flipping apparition noticed that when the apparition was looking back at her, it seemed to stare her down and then grin. The apparition faded away. GHOST IDENTIFIED: BOOK FLIPPING READING LADY.
Martha Siler says that the ‘book reading lady’ wears a brown skirt, linen shirt, has gray hair piled in a bun on top of her head.

David Guadamuz of Tulsa, Oklahoma while visiting the Clayton House says that he encountered a large shadowy figure that resembled a large goat standing on its hind legs. The air in the room was ice cold and he felt a stingy sensation along his back. When he arrived back to his motel, his entire back was covered with small red marks. The marks remained on his back for at least 3 hours, before they faded away. ENTITY IDENTIFIED: THE GOAT SHADOW CREATURE

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