August 7, 2016 2:29 pm

For many of us, the popular online auction site eBay is like a drug. I know I’ve spent many nights hitting the refresh button over and over again to ensure my spot as the top bidder, while watching the seconds count down to the end of the auction. Over the years, I’ve learned to control my auction addiction and more recently cut myself off entirely. That is until I discovered that I could buy my very own ghost on eBay for practically nothing.

That’s right folks! Do a quick search for yourself and you’ll find that your own restless spirit is just a click away. Now according to eBay regulations you cannot sell something as “haunted”. I guess eBay does not want to take a stand as to the existence of the paranormal. However, eBay will allow you to sell the vessel, and the ghost has to be thrown in for free. Here is a brief listing of some of the haunted objects you can find up for sale right now. Happy bidding!


From what I could glean from my limited research, the haunted doll seems to be the most abundant item on eBay. Maybe it’s because most of them already look so damn creepy. From creepy clowns to porcelain babies, there are plenty to choose from. It also doesn’t appear as if there is an age limit to when a doll can be cursed.


Unlike a doll, haunted jewelry is a ghost you can take with you everywhere. I found a lot of what were called Djinn rings. These aren’t so much haunted as they are bestowed with powers that benefit the wearer. Most were at one time owned by witches who infused them with magic which could be presented in the form of positive energy or even wish granting.


Along the same lines as a painting, a haunted statue is a great conversation piece for your home. Just as with paintings, there were not many options up for sale, but those that were definitely had some great back-stories. This one is great! 

Now as a rule, I don’t mess with anything Ancient Egyptian. I’ve just seen way too many movies, but I could make an exception when it comes to these two gentlemen.


The dybbuk box is the old standby when it comes to haunted objects. These items gained popularity around 2009 when one was first sold on eBay. This sale became the inspiration for the 2012 film THE POSSESSION. For those unfamiliar, a dybbuk box is a sealed box said to contain a malicious and restless spirit. Check out this one here.

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This seller’s explanation is short and sweet, and he seems to want to get rid of it quickly.

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