September 7, 2016 8:55 am

A terrified mum has spoken out after claiming she has spent nearly four decades being terrorised by the “violent ghost of Jack the Ripper”.

Gaynor Issitt said the terrifying supernatural presence had been plaguing her household for as long as she could remember.

The 58-year-old mum-of-three said the evil presence was in fact Jack the Ripper, the infamous murderer who killed 11 women in Whitechapel in 1888.

She said the spirit – one of many who haunt the house – burned bibles at night and even attacked her in her sleep.

She described being punched and hit around the head and said her unwelcome guest was also responsible for fires starting inexplicably around her house.

The home invader has made her home into a terrifying haunted hell

Ms Issitt said she has to “share the property” in Leicestershire with the evil spirits.

The haunted house has seen several exorcists and priests all try in vain to rid the property of its ghouls.

The poor woman claims she was once dragged from her bed by her ankles by a thuggish poltergeist and has also been pushed down the stairs.

She spoke out as September began – the month she claims when the ghost is strongest in the house.

Ms Issitt said the ghost would not leave her alone and made her home into a terrifying haunted hell.

But, she refuses to move out, claiming that she loves the house where she brought up all of her children.

Paranormal investigators claim her house is in the top five most haunted in Britain.

Mark Vernon, a paranormal expert, said that he believes the woman’s claims of the supernatural.

Mr Vernon is convinced that it’s the true ghost of Jack the Ripper, the serial killer who murdered 11 women around Whitechapel in London.

He added: “I feel sorry for what she has gone through, I have never seen a house with so much activity going on.”

A figure appears to be forming in the right side of the picture

Ms Issitt is living in the house alone, after her partner Andrew Belton, 43 – who has also been attacked by the poltergeist – moved to a care home following an accident that left him paralysed.

She said the apparition called Jack has been known to start fires, burning the heads off family photographs as well as furniture.

The young mother added: “He has started fires so I have to keep buckets of water around the house. He physically attacks me, and I have been left bruised in the past.

“We’ve also heard growling noises and my partner has seen apparitions of a man, woman and a little girl around the house.

“We have never spoken directly, but we’ve recorded them and they swear and say they’re going to murder someone.”

The couple’s photograph was ‘burned’ by the spirit

The former carer said: “The ghosts have been here for as long as I’ve lived here – the man that used to live here told me they were here before me too.

“One in particular is very violent and aggressive.

“I know of people who have come out of there not just with scratches but with gashes on their arm.

“But I’ll never move out – I love my home, all my kids were brought up here and I won’t be bullied out by a ghost.

“We’ve had priests and exorcists and all sorts over the years, but nothing makes a difference – so I’ve just learned to live with it.”

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