September 11, 2016 3:41 pm

It’s been ridicule and judgement that has kept most in the closet, when it comes to the paranormal experience. If something strange happens, we have been conditioned to question our perception or simply deny it happened altogether. Why is that? What is really happening?

Most have heard the “leaks” about the CIA programs exploring remote viewing and psychic abilities. Does anyone really believe that this organization would invest so much time and money into something that was of “no significance” . . . Really?

It’s common knowledge that the Nazis used psychics quite successfully and Hitler did not commit suicide in Berlin. It’s also well known that the US brought a great many of the German Scientist to America to “take advantage of their expertise”. What else did those men of science have to teach us.

And what of the “Men in Black”? These creeps have been everywhere, at a moment’s notice, and truly terrorized many people, while appearing to be not quite human themselves. What are we not being told and how deep does it go?

I have recently read articles about quantum computing and the realization of other dimensions. It is theorized that their are beings that can access our dimension, at will. If these beings can access our plane of existence, can we not do the same and access their’s? Are we already doing that? What are we not being told?

Their are many great minds today that are out there asking the tough questions. These questions are valid and perhaps easily answered by our own gov’t. So why don’t they? When did we give up our right to know?

Bigfoot, Lizardman, Mothman, Dogman . . What other kind of Man? UFO’s, USO’s, Missing Time

411 Missing People (thousands) . . . What Else?

These are just a few of the question I hope to explore and perhaps find some answers.

Until next time, Trust what you see, Truth is stranger than fiction.

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