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This story comes from a woman we’ll call Sarah, who walked her dog daily just after dawn. Sarah’s morning walk took her through a Natural Reserve that was down the block from her home. The winding trails were not always visible but that was what she loved about this location. It gave you the feel of being out in the wild, while being right down the street.

One morning Sarah was out earlier than usual, it was still pre-dawn. The shadows were still quite dark but it was warm and everything was quiet. She made her way down a trail that went by the stream and a Willow tree. A huge Weeping Willow that created this wall with its foliage, almost like beaded curtains that you had to pull apart to walk up under the tree.

Sarah’s dog, a small breed, was a few steps in front of her. Suddenly her dog stops and starts trembling, violently. Sarah looks through the foliage curtain too see, what appears to be, a man bent over, underneath the tree. Her dog, suddenly, runs past her, back down the trail from which they had come. She looks back toward the man and his head comes up . . . but what she saw next didn’t make any sense. Sarah stood looking but it did not compute. The man had ears on his head. Dog ears!

In the moments it took for this to register, she turned back to her dog and Bam! Sarah was slammed to the ground. Something was on top of her and she could not move. Instantly an awful smell surrounded her. Sarah was sure, if she could take a breath, she would vomit.


Then, for just a second, her face twisted to the side and pressed into the mud, Sarah saw teeth. Almost touching her face! A large, bloody, sharp set of teeth. With a coppery smell of blood and the mixture of spoiled meat and hot breath, letting out a slow, low growling sound. Then everything went dark.

Sarah awakens to her dog licking her face, underneath the Willow tree. Bruised and a bit confused it didn’t take her long to recall what had happened. In no time at all she was up and running . . . all the way home.

Sarah’s husband was, of course, very concerned. He listened to her story, called the police and they filed all the necessary reports. In the end the police , patronizingly theorize that Sarah had probably tripped and fallen and been knocked unconscious. The bruise’s were real enough but I saw something else. Something quite telling. This had changed everything for Sarah and the wild look in her eyes, pleading with me to please understand that she had not imagined this . . . Creature, is an image I won’t soon forget.

Trauma is a very real thing with very predictable after affects. Though the trouble’s that can arise from PTSD vary far and wide, the reason’s for those trouble’s are quite specific. I speak from personal experience when I say Trauma will change everything about your behaviour. No one is immune and I see clearly that Sarah had been Traumatized.

She no longer walks in the Natural Reserve. She doesn’t even go in that direction. Nor does she walk alone or anytime near dark, morning or night. They have put their house on the market and things are difficult. Sarah says she is in therapy but still can’t sleep. She swears, sometimes, she catches a whiff of that smell. It’s been years.

What slammed Sarah to the ground? Why didn’t it go further? Did “It” place her under the tree? Why didn’t this thing hurt her little dog? Is it still out there?

Until next time, remember to trust what you see, Truth is stranger than fiction.

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