October 13, 2016 1:36 pm

Expectations of Halloween come with Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Goblins, and… Killers?

Remember back in the day when we use to hit that one house, change our costume and go back again? Well Fallacious takes this idea and gives it a twist. Among the many trick or treat-ers who may come to your door, imagine a mischievous little devil who has come with murderous intent just for you.

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Dee McCullay is no stranger to all aspects of film production, but this time behind the desk writing it as well. With 7 years of various productions, this is the first fully scripted film work I have done, from concept to pre-production & promotion.

I wanted to make something Halloween-esque, tipping it’s hat to the original Halloween [Film], and the season in general.

Fallacious stars Taylor Belisle – Crider, Kyle Turner, Emily Cunningham & James McCauley, as Belisle – Crider has a twisted trick to play on Turner, who plays  Terrence Saville. She swiftly changes masks, much like dawning a new personality and comes back. But this time to terrorize the man with her excessive knocking, even after he turns his porch light out,  likened unto the Raven who just won’t go away.

As Saville is fallaciously lead to believe he has been left alone, the terrible trick or treat-er is already in the house and waiting for her time to pounce, and boy does she have a trick to play. As the blood begins to gush, it seems there is more going on than first glance, as we find the murder began next door.

The score begins with a single noise from first frame, and builds into an orchestra of intensity as suspense builds into a crescendo of terror for any little trick or treat-er who might come across the horrible scene.

Released October 10, plans are already in the works to shoot a second installment, as the script is already set to go, and delves deeply into the mind of this knife wielding maniac, as we see why and what next.

The film is free and available to watch now.

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