October 18, 2016 6:52 am

The Hollywood star put the £48million, 298-acre property on the market two years ago but there have been no takers.

Locals say prospective buyers have been frightened away by a ghost.

Several say they have seen the shadowy figure of a woman prowling the seven-bedroom, nine bathroom main house, which Cruise helped design in the Nineties.

People have been scared off during guided tours of the property in Telluride, Colorado

Others have been scared-off by “creepy, negative vibes” during guided tours of the property in Telluride, Colorado, according to an estate agent.

One couple walked away saying the place “felt like death”.

Cruise, 54, bought the estate and built a helipad so he and second wife Nicole Kidman and their adopted children Connor and Isabella could use it as a ski lodge.

Although it is maintained by a full-time staff, his visits have been rare in recent years.

Friends say Cruise is “increasingly frustrated” at being unable to sell due to the “ghost”.

Local historians say the unquiet spirit could be that of love-lorn prostitute, May “Trixie” Green, who killed herself in the 1880s after being dumped by an English miner in the gold rush.

There have been numerous “sightings” of Trixie but Cruise’s friend said: “Whatever the truth, enough people believe there’s a bad vibe on Tom’s land and he’s nowhere close to selling it.


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