October 29, 2016 9:30 am

The house was apparently built near an old tree that people were hung from.

All Elaine Hamer wanted to do was get to grips with the video settings on her smartphone.

It was 1am in Blackwood, South Wales . The 56-year-old had hoped to capture shooting stars that would reportedly be visible in the area.

Watching Elaine’s footage, you see instead some mystical ‘orbs’ that are floating around in her kitchen. Why they are there, we just don’t know. Maybe a trick of the light.

But then a strange mist appears, a fuzzy light in a darkened room. And then what appears to be a face suddenly glides briskly towards the camera.

Elaine and her sister scream and runs away, before the recording ends just as we see a shot of her dishwasher.

What on earth happened?

Son-in-law Jason Hughes, 38, uploaded the footage to YouTube and said a spiritualist might have answers.

“There have been quite a few sightings on our street,”

“We’ve had a spiritualist visit a number of times. Apparently the houses here were built on a field that used to have a hanging tree.

“I don’t know whether that has anything to do with it.”

Weird smells

Jason explained that his mother-in-law and her sister were simply practising with the camera to film shooting stars.

And it was then they saw the “orbs” floating around in the kitchen.

“There are sometimes inexplicable noises in the house,” he said.

“And old fashioned smells, you know, things that shouldn’t be there – she smells them too.”

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This post was written by Nadia Vella