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    The Southeast Iowa area is a beautiful forest covered wonderland with a diverse and rich animal life.  Its many creeks wind peacefully through the thick forest and crop filled country side.  Edible plants and berries are plentiful. There are many places that a wily Bigfoot or a family of Bigfoot could hide out of sight.  According to local Bigfoot hunter Steven Reynolds, Bigfoot is quite prevalent in this area of Iowa. Steve says he personally has sighted Bigfoot and families of Bigfoot in the surrounding lush countryside.

The following are several examples from the Big Foot Research Organization or the B.F.R.O:

  1. In the summer of 2010 there was a Bigfoot sighting in Keokuk county Iowa. According to the eyewitness report turned in to the B.F.R.O the witness stated “It was June 16th 2010 and I was sitting in my home with a friend and we heard the dogs barking loudly”. “I looked out the window and saw my dogs hurriedly running west up my gravel driveway”. She goes on to say “I saw a large dark figure running up my long driveway.” “What I saw when I looked was a shadow darker than the shadow of a tree.” “It was taller than a human being but I couldn’t tell the exact size.” “The next day a friend and I were walking on my farm and found a strange footprint.”

The B.F.R.O representative said that he thought the witness was very reliable.  Another interesting aspect to this case is that an area near the sighting is called “Monkeys den”.


  1. The next case takes us to Lee county Iowa. A place I personally know very well and have visited on my own Bigfoot hunt. It was Shimeck Forest in Lee County. This story is also very special because this person also sent a version of this to Outdoors magazine.

As the story goes this man was out turkey hunting one morning in between the months of June and October. As he was laying still waiting for prey, a tall figure came out of the early morning fog.  At first he thought that it was another hunter dressed in what is called a ghille suit, a hunting outfit covered in strips of cloth to break up a hunters outline.  Suddenly, he realized this was no man. It was a large man like creature. Their eyes locked and they both stood motionless for several tense moments.  The hunter fearing for his life raised and unlocked his weapon.  The creature jumped towards him.  But, almost at the same instant he turned and walked away never taking his eyes off the hunter. Slowly he faded in to the dense thick woods without a whisper. Taking this cue the hunter grabbed his belongings and quickly left the area vowing never to return. As of this date he claims he never has.

  1. The last place we will visit is Jefferson county Iowa. Jefferson County, especially around a quaint little burg by the name of Lockridge, has been a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings since the early 1970’s. In 2010 a citizen in the area reported that they had seen a hairy biped in the woods surrounding their home.  Shawn Morrissy, of Jefferson county conservation, says that he thinks what the reporter saw was a person in camo hunting in the woods or a misidentified animal.   The county officials did not even bother to investigate this reporting.  Still, there is no denying that something is going on in this rural county and has been for many years.

In conclusion, Southeast Iowa is one of the best places in the State to spot Bigfoot. With Its many reports and the thick lush countryside and the dense woods, combined with fresh water streams and plentiful edible foliage, a Bigfoot or family of Bigfoot would have no trouble surviving and thriving in the area.

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