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I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, in a street that was filled with elderly folk. I was around 6-7 years old and was sent to the local shops with the two dogs and a cat that followed us everywhere. On route to the shops a lady approached me and started complimenting the dogs, at the time I didn’t register how weird it was that she was wearing clothes that weren’t ”normal” to me ( I know now they were from the 1930-40’s era). She walked with me and the pets along the road and was asking questions such as ” did i like the house? ” and a few others but i’d be lying if I could remeber exactly what they were, but one question stuck out to me and was had i ever met Rosemary?.

I said no and she smiled and said Rosemary was her daughter and they had stayed in that house before us and Rosemary liked to go get there sometimes. She wished me well and walked away. I went home and told my mum who went crazy at the thought of me talking to a stranger and grounded me. A few days later my mum was talking to the elderly lady next door whilst putting out the washing to dry and I heard her tell the elderly lady of why i was grounded. My mum was in shock when the lady kept staring at her and told her that years before we moved in there had been a lady of the description i gave who had lived their with her daughter Rosemary but rosemary sadly died of T.B during ww2, the mother had never got over the loss and had died. I told my mum I had overheard the conversation and she agreed it was spooky but i was still grounded for talking to a stranger ..

Fast forward six years later my mum,dad, younger brother and enterouge of pets move into another home in Glasgow , not too far from our old house. I was 14, my brother 12, and my mum and dad had decided to try and give things a go despite getting divorced, safe to say it was a very emotionally charged environment, parents who had issues, teenage daughter who was pushing the boundaries and a young son who was struggling to fit into school. We got the keys for the house and my parents were out shopping for carpets, they get talking to the shop owners and tell the the address and the shop owner laughs and said ” ha! i was going to take that house until i got fed up trying to decorate it ! F***** place kept flooding and ruined everything we had so we gave the keys back to the council!!” My dad then went to the housing officer who confirmed they had done a lot of repair work to the home- it was 9o years old and had suffered a few floodings and due to it being on a slope at the end of the road it had sunk a little hence why the stairway to the house was missing a step ( the flooding hadn’t made the house sink it was just old and due to its whereabouts it had sunk a little into the land.

My parent’s went ahead with the house, went to work on laying the carpets etc and locked up for the night. They returned the next morning and whilst putting the key in the door they heard what sounded like water gushing, my dad opens the door to be hit with water flooding down the stairway!. My mum cannot stand crumbs or running water so this was a nightmare for her!. The living room ceiling had a gaping hole in it, the water was coming from all the taps and a tank in the attic. The joiners and plumbers eventually got it under control and my parent’s set to work again – this time with my dad choosing to stay in the house to keep working to the wee hours. By a few weeks time it was nearly ready for us all to move into, ( the house layout consisted off a living room, bedroom and kitchen in the ground floor with the kitchen having an old pantry inside it and the upstairs had two bedrooms and a toilet).

My dad didn’t tell us that the night before we were due to move in he was struggling to open the up-stair windows- they had somehow acquired ants who were crawling up the window frames and some of the windows were jammed shut despite not being painted and had been opened when we visited the house. He went to bed in one of the upstairs bedrooms and started reading a book. He heard the door opening and thought it was wind until he remembered that the windows couldn’t open and he’d closed all the doors, now these doors were still old fashioned, big heavy woodwork from the 1900’s with large door knobs, and he felt a gush of cold wind. My dad isn’t the type of man scared easily, he’d spent ten years in prison for armed robbery and grew up in the east end of Glasgow acquiring the trouble that led to his arrest , but even he felt his heart hitting the bottom of his stomach in fear when he heard what he describes as a ” disembodied voice coming from above him” saying ” David I don’t want you here”. Despite being terrified my dad told the voice ” I don’t care what you think, my family and I are here now and i think it’s time you moved on ” and with that the door closed over.

My dad told my mum but being the determined folk they are they decided to go ahead with the move in. My brother was determined to take the room that my dad had heard the voice in despite my dad advising him to take the other bedroom ( again it’s important to note that my brother and I knew nothing of the voice nor the previous owners troubles). First few months were fine bar my brothers room always becoming so cold you could see your breathe – still he would not part from the room and me being 14 years old and a pain in the a*** did not want to be sharing a room again with my wee brother. But in time we did notice some strange things. It began with items disappearing and showing up in random places such as house keys being found under the kitchen sink, hair brushes in the pantry, this ended up with the household fighting with another due to accusing another of moving the said items. As i mentioned previously it was an emotionally charged home, my dad moved out within a few months and my mother struggled to come to terms with the situation, my brother attempted suicide in that bedroom due to bullying from school and I had decided to join the armed forces to purely get away from it all so was training heavily and doing what teenagers do- be a pain in the a***.

My brother began sleep walking so my dad put up a tall gate at the top of the stairways to stop him coming down as he fell twice when sleepwalking. During this time my brother would burst into my bedroom stuttering heavily whilst sleepwalking screaming that I was to tell the old man in his room to” f*** off and tell him it’t not his bed!”. It got so bad that we got a small couch in my room so he could crash in there when needs be.

Whilst we were all downstairs we heard what sounded like someone running up and down the stairs, we all ran to the stairway to see no one there and the door locked. After that we would hear stamping noises from upstairs and the parakeet we had had become silent since we had moved him up the stairs.

We moved the parakeet downstairs and put the finche birds we had to the top of the stairways, my mum was hovering one day and heard a crashing noise, she went to the bottom of the stairs to find the bird cage at the bottom of the stairs and they were fluttering like crazy, one sadly had died from shock. My mum initially thought one of the cats had attacked the cage but checked and seen all cats were outside and noted that the cage hadn’t rolled down the stairs , it had been flung.

My brother couldn’t handle the feeling in the house anymore and moved in with my dad so me and my mum moved any spare stuff into his room. Whilst hovering it one day I thought my brother was behind me ( he still came everyday after school he only went to stay at my dad’s in the evening ) and i turned to tell him he was supposed to be hovering but there was no one there. I was genuinely shocked as i had felt someone behind me but I carried on hovering but this feeling of being watched was horrific, I can only describe it as walking into a room where someone hates you. I finally snapped and turned off the hover and ran to the door only to feel myself being prodded hard in the back. I won’t lie, I ran down those stairs as quick as i could screaming for my mother!

By this point my parents had figured we weren’t stupid and were aware something was going on, we began talking about our experiences but that seemed to make things worse. By this time i was 18 and had begun bringing friends home to stay the night. My old school friend Gemma and I had been at a family fundraiser- my youngest niece from my older sister had been diagnosed with Leukemia two weeks after my son had been born and my aunt had just died within a week of my son being born so the emotions in the house were quite unstable. My son was staying overnight with his dad’s mum so myself, Gemma, son’s dad Ryan and my mum went back to our house after the fundraiser. Ryan went to sleep upstairs in my room and myself, Gemma and mum were downstairs making food when we heard Ryan shouting for me, I ran upstairs to find him sleeping and snoring. I walked downstairs to find my mum and gemma waiting for me to ask why he was screaming/shouting and i said he must have been sleep talking. Two minutes later Ryan screams for me to go to him so i rush upstairs with Gemma to find him drooling in his sleep in the same position I’d last seen him, half way down the stairs we hear my name being screamed again from Ryan but we don’t answer , we run back the kitchen and my mum is freaking out- my son’s elecronic baby chair is moving despite no batteries in it, the light bulb in the living room has blown up and there’s the sound of running coming from the upstairs. My mum goes to the bottom of the stairs and shouts ” whoever you are and whatever you may be, f*** off! ” and with that the noises stop.

Despite being scared we all began laughing, the next morning we told Ryan who didn’t believe us as he said he has never known himself to talk in his sleep.

Couple of weeks later my mum and I are moving warm clothes from the tumble drier onto her bed – as we walk back to her bed with the clothes there is one huge wet footprint on the sheet ! . We touch it and it;’s damp not soaking like we were expecting and it fades away infront of us. My mum phones my dad who comes around but finds nothing. Soon as he leaves there is the sound of footsteps upstairs in my brothers old room but we had put so much junk in his room you couldn’t walk through it but the foot steps were sounding like they were walking through the junk like it wasn’t there.

A few weeks later i brought ryan and a friend Lainey back to stay after a night out, whilst we were in my room lainey and ryan were on the couch whilst i sat on the bed whilst we chatted about the night I turned to see a man wearing black clothes, a black waistcoat and a gold pocket watch staring at ryan and lainey. in a blink he was gone.

My son and I were upstairs whilst i settled him to sleep, i walked to the hallway to go down stairs and heard the sound of a child play toy coming to life – you may know it it’s an electronic game were u try to catch little fish onto ur hook, it was at the top of the stairs and it’s settings were at ” off”’. I shouted for my mum and she witnessed it and called my dad , as he was on route the baby chair started rocking, when my dad came in everything stopped, the power cut out to come back on when my dad left.

We’re not a religious family, my dad’s side are irish catholic, my mums gran was jewish and originally came from Germany and my mum was a protestant although she didn’t practice her religion. One day my mum was in my room whilst i was straightening my hair and i was looking at her via my mirror on the wall that when you looked at it you could see into the hallway at the top of the stairs and she was looking back at me via the mirror when whilst we were talking about plans for that week when we seen an old man in a bunnet wearing brown clothes walk out of my brothers old room and disappear. We both screamed and went to check but there was no one there, for some reason we didn’t feel frightened.

I seen the man in black a few times, once at the bottom of the stairs as i turned back but again he disappeared before i could even blink, my friend Scott came over to visit and stay the night in my brothers room. He woke up freezing and seen a man in black staring at him, he said he didn’t feel frightened but felt so sad that he felt suicidal. Scott has never had a paranormal experience before this and has never had one since but that was the last time he stayed over

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