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Every day, odd circumstances and stories happen all around the world. Regardless of if you believe in the paranormal, there are some stories that might keep your skin crawling because of how strange and real the events are. Even if normal ghost and ghoul tales don”t keep you up at night, these may. It”s not strange paranormal activity and demons you need to worry about, it”s the people and their stories that will haunt you. You may need to suspend disbelief to let these stories frighten you, but you may be surprised by just how easily that will happen.

1.) Zona Shue

She is The Greenbrier Ghost of West Virginia. The woman murdered by her cruel and abusive husband, Erasmus Stribbling Trout Shue, in 1897. He covered up Zonas bruised and broken neck with a stiff-collared dress, and no one suspected foul play. Zonas mother, however, received ghostly visitations from her dead daughter… which caused to her approach a prosecutor. Erasmus was later convicted.

2.) Marie Laveau: This woman was a New Orleans Voodoo priestess in the mid-1800s. She was feared in life and in death. Her tomb is considered to be one of the most haunted places in New Orleans.

3.) Kate Morgan

This young woman supposedly haunts the beachside Hotel del Coronado in California. In 1892, she was found dead with a bullet in her head and a gun in her hand, but the bullet did not match the gun. Even today, hotel employees report seeing the young womans ghost.

4.) The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch Haunting is what the fictional Blair Witch Project was based on. The Bell Witch is believed to have haunted the Tennessee home of the Bells in the early 1800s, terrorizing the parents and children. The ghost even tormented one of the Bell daughters and her fiance until their engagement was broken off.

5.) Dolly Madison

The wife of James Madison has apparently refused to leave the White House. She has been haunting it since her death. Today, Dolley still watches over her rose garden there.

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