February 7, 2017 2:31 pm

It’s so bad it’s been compared to The Purge – you know, the film where a perfect society has 12 hours a year where total anarchy reins and you can do whatever you like.

The state of Espírito Santo in south-east Brazil is in a state of total chaos after military police have gone on strike. They walked out due to the poor conditions they had to work in and it’s descended into madness. Looting, raping and random acts of violence are being reported, with dead bodies and machetes littering the streets.

The riots broke out soon after the military police went on strike on Saturday. Just in time for the weekend when people aren’t at work.

People are holed up inside, refusing to venture outside because it’s too dangerous. Football matches have been cancelled and schools have closed because they can’t protect their pupils. People are looting shops and thugs are attacking anyone they can get their hands on.

The government is not happy with the strike – they say it’s illegal and they’re going to sue.

State Secretary of Public Security André Garcia told Globo: “The first step taken by the government to overthrow this movement was the filing of a lawsuit requiring the illegality of the movement to be enacted.

‘Our intention is to negotiate, always, but this negotiation must be based on mutual respect, and the condition for the police come to patrol the streets and answer the calls of the Capixabas citizens.”

The government is really angry that the police have let this happen. They said that if the police come back to work, then they will get their salaries – but who knows when?

The governor of the city of Vitoria has asked for federal troops to be dispatched today it’s so bad.

The police have been blockading police stations since Saturday when they went on strike, protesting their unpaid salaries.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella