March 9, 2017 4:57 pm

Luke Simpson wants to make 16 short horror films, and combine them in one epic scary movie. Prepare to jump and scream in terror.

About this project

I want to make 16 five to ten minute horror films, and combine them into one feature length movie. 1 movie and sixteen scares. 16 short movies will need a lot of props and a lot of actors and a lot of filming. I calculate about 3 months of shooting and at least two months of editing. I have always loved zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and scary movies in general. This way I can do a movie that has serial killers, ghosts, zombies, monsters, and more.

If you love to be scared, this kickstarter project is for you. I need the funds for a decent professional camera, and the editing equipment, as well as payment for actors, props, food, and the crew to edit and shoot the film in a professional manner. I hope to release the movies on film festivals, and eventually Youtube as well. This horror film will be made with horror fans in mind.

My favorite horror films are the following: The Shining, The purge, Saw, Insidious, Children of the corn, Sinister, The Conjuring, Annabelle, Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Evil Dead, and pretty much every zombie movie and vampire movie ever made.

Risks and challenges

making 16 short films is not an easy task. Ideas and shooting all of them professionally and in a short amount of time is not easy. With time management and working on them every day and getting things done it can be accomplished. I have worked on student films before and it has helped me tremendously. i read books on film making all the time and have many friends willing to help me on these projects. There is nothing that can’t be overcome by hard work and a little sweat, blood, and tears. I made a six minute documentary about making a student film and have worked on 2 student films and many minor short films to get my bachelors degree in film. I love movies and want to make movies that people enjoy and that are quality as well.

I have a degree in film and have friends that have graduated with me that are eager to help out. I have 9 ideas already fleshed out for the short horror films, and have 7 others that I am pondering over.

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