May 5, 2017 9:39 am

While on an investigation @ an undisclosed location, Cory Kovacs, co-owner and lead investigator of T.M.P.S. (The Michiana Paranormal Society), was snapping pictures. After the evidence was reviewed, Cory could not get by a seemingly normal picture.. As it was examine more closely, and zoomed in, it revealed something disturbing and somewhat sinister.. A small hooded figure stood, faceless, with glowing yellow eyes was staring back @ the camera as the picture was taken. Also an unusual “orb” was also captured in the same picture just above and to the left of the figure. One of the members of T.M.P.S. described the figure as, “Death” itself.. What makes this even more frightening.. The next day, a worker @ this location, unexpectedly dropped dead of a heart attack very close to where this photo was taken..

To this day, T.M.P.S. has no solid explanation to who or what this is a photo of..


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