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Fear is a natural part of life. It is in fact an essential piece when it comes to survival. Many adventurers seek thrill and wander into the woods in search of their inner spirits. But not all of us can be that brave and walk into a forest, especially after dark. When the sun sets and the cold breeze touches our skin, we all get that eerie feeling that makes us feel the need to seek a safer place. The fear of forests or heavily wooded areas is known as Hylophobia and the fear of wooded areas at night is known as Nyctohylophobia. Here are 7 haunted forests from around the world to get your Hylophobia and Nyctohylophobia kick in.

1. The Black Forest

haunted forests black forest

This forest sits along the Rhine River in Southern Germany. The space is densely covered in fir and pine trees that make it almost permanently suspended in night. Many fairy tales were set here as well as other creepy tales of death and mystery. Enter at your own risk.

2. Wychwood Forest

haunted forests wychwood forest

People claim to have seen sobbing children and felt hands touching them in these woods in England. One of the most famous ghosts who haunts the forest is Amy Robsart, the wife of the Earl of Leicester. She died of a broken neck, confronted her husband as a ghost while he was hunting in Wychwood, and told him he would die as well in10 days. When he did, the legend became that seeing her meant you would die as well. Beware.

3. Devil’s Tramping Ground

haunted forests devil tramping ground

This bizarre ring in North Carolina will grow no vegetation and many say it is because it is where the devil lives. Even the state has taken samples of the soil. Whatever the reason, it is creepy and scary and there is no reason to mess with it. Just stay away in the dark.

4. Aokigahara

haunted forests aokigahara forest

These woods are known as suicide forest with so many people killing themselves amidst the thick forestation. The woods also house deer, foxes, bears and many species of birds, which can be heard whistling and chirping. But it is the suicides and the ghosts of the damned that scare so many who venture here.

haunted forests hoia-baciu

Hoia-Baciu in Transylvania has a circular clearing that many claim is a portal and that those who pass through it don’t come back. Many say they feel anxious and nauseous when they are near and all the trees are twisted into knots. Hell. No.

6. Isla de las Muñecas

haunted forests isla de las munecas

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This island off of Mexico City has a tragic tale. The only inhabitant, Don Julian Santana, discovered the body of a girl more than 50 years ago. He found a doll floating in the same water and, for her, hung it on a tree. He continued this over time and until 2001, strung thousands of dolls. Then he drowned in the very same canal. Some believe the dolls, many of which are missing limbs, are evil; others believe they guard the island from those who might do it harm.

7. Freetown-Fall River State Forest

haunted forests

Many report seeing UFOs, poltergeists, and fireballs here. This area is part of the “Bridgewater Triangle” in Massachusetts where many strange sightings have occurred. The Native Americans left several burial grounds and legend has it that it was also home to a series of satanic murders in the 1970s and ’80s. Cree-py!


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