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The team were investigating the renowned paranormal hotspot ‘The Village’ in Mansfield, Notts, when their camera caught an eerie figure watching them.

Ghost hunters have revealed footage and pictures of a shadowy figure stalking them in a grade-II listed building – where seven monks were thought to have been burnt alive.

Dan Litchfield, 36, and his team were investigating the renowned paranormal hotspot ‘The Village’ in Mansfield, Notts, when their camera caught an eerie figure watching them in the darkness.

What left the group even more stunned was when another photo in a different part of the former pub and slaughterhouse showed the suspected ghoul again watching them.

Legend has it that tunnels led from the nearby Newstead Abbey to the site and monks who had sought refuge were slaughtered when there caught during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Dan, from Gloucester, said: “Catching a full apparition on camera is like the Holy Grail in paranormal investigations. That sort of thing doesn’t happen very often.

“You normally see some things that can be attributed to pareidolia – when you see a shape or a figure when nothing’s actually there. But the shadow figure was unbelievably clear.

“It was our first time there. It is known as a major hotspot in the field and well known as one of the best places to visit so we had wanted to go – it had been on my bucket list for a while.

“I never thought we wold get something as good as this. I hoped to but never thought I would.

“We also had a photo that was taken by another person in the building that night. He actually found a similar shadowy figure within a different part of that area.

“The fact that the figure was caught twice in two different spots, 10 feet apart, that obviously reinforces the sighting.”

Built in 1802, The Village has served as a slaughter house, a malt house and even a nightclub, but is said to have been based on a site that once contained an old barn.

Under that barn was reportedly a tunnel which led to Newstead Abbey, located a few miles south of Mansfield.

Legend has it that this tunnel was used by the resident monks of the abbey to escape the English authorities during the Dissolution of the Monasteries period of the late 1530s.

The monks fled through the tunnels and sought refuge in the barn. Upon finding them, the authorities burned down the barn with the group still inside, killing all of them.

Dan, who founded the UK Ghost Hunters collective in 2012, said: “With all that activity that we caught that night, it all shows the evidence in the place is amazing. We hope to go back later in the year.

“I hadn’t heard the story of the monks before we went. I don’t like to do too much reading on a place before we go and instead go with a blank slate. I don’t want to be going looking for something in particular as that is how you end up coming away frustrated or read into things you see.”

Last year, full-time ghost hunter Lee Roberts, 39, caught on camera what he thought might be the monks returning after being awoken during a ghost hunting vigil in the form of a swirling mist – indoors.

The group held hands and called out for spirits to show themselves, but did not realise that anything had happened until Lee showed them CCTV of a swirling mist that appeared only moments later.

The dad-of-four claims he has done ghost hunts at the site for two years and never seen the mist appear until after the vigil and it has not reappeared since.

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