May 30, 2017 3:38 pm

A woman whose dying wish was to be buried with her partner’s PACEMAKER is among the bizarre final requests dealt with by a firm of UK solicitors.

Another client asked to be cremated and laid to rest with the ashes of her beloved cat .

And a third insisted on seeing her relative’s heart to make sure she was dead when she was buried.

Lawyer Michael Smoult, from will specialists Gorvins Solicitors, said: “We have had clients who, in their wills, have wanted to be shot into the sky on a rocket or have their ashes spread across a popular beach so that people will – as they have put it – lie on them.

“One lady even asked if her body could be frozen in liquid nitrogen and then shattered into a million pieces using sound waves so that she would be crumbled into powder and then stored in a corn starch coffin where the remains would turn into compost.

“And while these things are possible, not all relatives will agree.”

He says funerals are increasingly becoming flash points as relatives argue over how they should bid farewell to their loved ones.

On one occasion mediation over the final resting place of the ashes broke down, and one party “flushed them down the toilet in spite”.

“The most important thing is to specify your wishes in a will, stating as much detail as possible”, he said.

“Make sure you appoint an executor who will be sensitive enough to understand what you want and, though it’s a little morbid, if you can, discuss these with them in advance. So there are no shocks and an understanding that wishes are realistic.”

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This post was written by Nadia Vella