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The story of the Loveland Frogs begins early in the summer of 1955. At the time an unknown businessman reported seeing 3 small frog -like creatures on the side of the road he was traveling on, huddled together as if they were having a meeting. They were described by the man as being bipedal and standing 3-4 ft. tall. The skins of the strange creatures were described as leathery. They were completely hairless with webbed hands and feet. He also observed one of the creatures hold a wand above its head that gave off sparks. Unfortunately for us the name of the road is not known.  However, it is said it was on the southern part of the city of Loveland. It is worth noting that the roads in that area were poorly lit during those years.

It was March 1972 in Loveland, OH when the second sighting of the Loveland Frog was documented. It was seen by a police officer on duty driving the back roads looking for lawbreakers.  The officer that reported the strange sighting was named Roy Shockey. He was traveling by himself along a street named Riverside coming into Loveland proper. The officer said that he was driving slowly because the road was very icy. Suddenly, he spotted what he thought was a dog on the road.  He stopped to see what it was and maybe, if it was a dead animal, clean it up. Abruptly, the thing stood up on two legs! Officer Shockey drew his service revolver and shot at the hideous biped. It quickly jumped over the guardrail and into the river.

Several weeks after Shockey’s sighting another officer by the name of Mark Matthews reported the same type of creature in the same area. However, this officer described the creature with a small tail.

On the night of August 3rd 2017 two teenagers playing Pokémon Go near Loveland’s Madeira Rd. and Lake Isabella, reported seeing a large frog that stood and walked on two legs.

Here is another possible encounter.  Not in Loveland, But the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana. This location is Close to 240 miles to the southwest of Loveland, Ohio. A very well respected woman by the name of Mrs. Darwin Johnson describes a strange encounter with this Upright Amphibian, this Kermit like Character, this repulsive Reptile. She swears that on the day of August 21st 1955, while swimming, she was, in fact, attacked by one of the elusive creatures. She claimed that a creature under the water of the river grabbed her knee and calf. She was 15 feet away from the shore at the time of the attack. This attack was reliably verified by her good friend Christine Lambey. She was forcefully pulled under the water two times.  She kicked and jerked finally freeing herself. She was then helped to the shore by her friend Christine.  Mrs. Johnson had quite a few bruises from the attack. Also, one thing that stood out was a green stain, right on her calf, in the shape of a small handprint, which remained on her skin for a few days.

The stories of the Loveland Frogmen are still told, in hushed tones, along the shores of the Miami River in Ohio. Scaring little children and attracting brave investigators to the small town of Loveland, Ohio.



-The week in weird. “Classic Cyriptid: The legend of Ohio’s Loveland frogmen”. By Quinn the Eskimo.



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